e Pinoys tend to be a little lazy to go hardcore on Halloween. When we do feel like decorating, most of us just buy from department stores and end up with the same fake bats and glow-in-the-dark skeleton as our neighbor’s.

But, as in all things in life, there’s a way to make Halloween decorating a little more exciting with a bit of creativity and resourcefulness. Here are 8 examples.


For your centerpiece, make fake formaldehyde specimen jars with toy animals/body parts, water and a teeny drop of food coloring.


Replace your plastic pumpkin with an actual pumpkin and give it a touch of Twilight. If you can’t find proper pumpkins, use butternut squash, or go ahead and disguise a ponkan.


For luminaries, get your sukang puti containers and draw ghost faces on them. If you have a good hand at drawing, why not draw ghost-versions of your friends or family?


Save on pumpkin (squash or ponkan) and just use the clay or plastic flowerpots in your garden.


If you want to creep your guests out in a really cute way.


More luminaries with markers and plastic cups. Make sure you use LED tea lights (or Christmas lights).


Nothing says you’re feeling the spirit of Halloween more than a mummy door.


Lastly, be the highlight of the neighborhood with these strange “house guests.” You can make them Pinoy-style and use outlines of a mananaggal, a tikbalang and, say, your version of Halimaw sa Banga?

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