ecember is right around the corner, so hello Christmas shopping and Christmas decorating. This year, how about we try making our celebrations festive and eco-friendly? Here are 8 suggestions:



There are now many eco-bags out in the market that look as chic as your signature tote. Most can also be folded into little pouches, so you can put as many as you want inside your handbag.




Buy from your local farmers and artisans—you’ll be helping the environment, your community, and your economy all at the same time.



Instead of giving material presents, why not offer your services instead? Cook your friends a hearty meal, offer to baby-sit your nieces and nephews so your in-laws can take a break, or treat your parents to a movie.



Batteries contain toxic chemicals and are non-biodegradable. Instead, give them toys that encourage open play—art supplies, books and wooden toys stimulate the mind and are good for character development.



Place your gifts inside eco-bags, or wrap them using the pages of old magazines. Better yet, place the gift inside a cute box which can be reused as a storage bin in the future. No cute box? Use recycled gift wrappers.



Take part in conserving Earth’s finite resources by taking (or, in this case eating) only what you can. If you really cannot finish what’s on your plate, bring them home with you to eat the next day. Or feed them to the street children in your neighborhood.



They may be more expensive, but are 90% more efficient than incandescent lights and are less of a fire hazard.



The less you throw away, the better it is for Mother Earth.


How else can we have a green Christmas? Post your suggestions on the Comments Section below.

Jaclyn Lutanco-Chua

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