Throughout popular culture and fashion history, some of the most enduring ICONIC images are sexy women immortalized wearing the one piece wonder, the MAILLOT ( Mai-YO ) It is more elegant than it’s scantier sister THE BIKINI. Why ? Because this design is sleek and brings focus to the whole body and highlights the fabulous FACES we see here today. Rare and seductive, allow these photos to burn sensual pleasures in you brain making each one memorable.

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White Mischief in a backless one piece. The SHRIMP was a top Vogue model in the 60s.

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The All-American Look was one of the first Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue covers.

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The Bombshell Blonde in a electric blue cut-out maillot. 70s supermodel.


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At 5’10” she was the top fashion model of the 80s, wife of Ric Ocazek of The Cars, she later became a good actress and high end beauty product endorser.

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Here repricing the topless swimsuit by Rudi Gernriech, she is immortalized by lensman Herb Ritts.

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She became the First Lady of France after she was a 90s supermodel and singer.

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Nude or in couture, this goddess of fashion has been IN for the past 2 decades. Real staying power.

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Queen of Victoria Secret runway shows until she priced herself out of the market. Now married with children, she wears the ultimate one piece wonder in black with padded shoulders. OH YEAH !

Lady Santelices (Illustration)

Lady enjoyed Math during primary and secondary school. After a friend asked for a portrait sketch as a graduation gift, her dream of being an accountant changed into wanting a life in creative advertising design--making it then difficult to solve math problems. Lady now spends most of her time creating art-related works and turns her humor and wittiness into comics and illustrations. She's currently a designer for 8List. See most of her artworks, fashion blogs, and inspirations at leidysorrain.tumblr.com.

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