Undeniably, dads will always have a significant role in our lives, and of course, a special place in our hearts. Fatherhood may not be a smooth journey, but millions of fathers out there share common experiences and milestones with their families that can make every pain and sacrifice worth it. Here are 8 of the best moments a dad could ever have.


The prospect of fatherhood is both exciting and overwhelming for the soon-to-be dad.
On one hand, he looks forward to meeting his little one, another person he’ll learn to love or may have loved instantly the moment he got the news. He may have had his own doubts and fears with this new responsibility, but there were more reasons to celebrate the miracle of a new life.


After nine months of waiting, shopping for baby stuff, and Parenting 101 seminars, the adorable, fragile infant was finally held in the warmth of a father’s embrace, protected from all the harm the world may bring. Daddy’s probably in high spirits at that time, but felt peaceful and content as well with the connection he’s making to the final piece that completed his life. And he knows it would only get better.


Probably, the most special gift a dad could get for his birthday was hearing his baby say “Daddy!” for the first time. In his astonishment, the manly walls came tumbling down, leaving you with an aww-moment as he cuddled with his adorable baby girl. Damn onions.


Or perhaps upon discovering his child’s talent, knowing instantly whom it came from and owning the rights to say, “Mana sa’kin yan.” When this physicist’s daughter couldn’t sleep, Dad picked up his little bright pink ukulele and sang with her instead, ensuing one of the greatest (and cutest) duets known to mankind.


For some dads, it doesn’t matter whether their kid is graduating with honors or getting a C in a torturous math class. One could never expect the reaction of such dad whose heart is filled with so much support and pride, upon grasping the fact that his son passed his math subject.


Heartbreak for a daughter could mean saving up for a dress she’d been eyeing for months and finding it sold to another person later on. Little did she know, it was part of her dad’s plan for a Christmas surprise. See, there are matters of the heart that are fixed not only by chocolate. Hooray for cool dads!

But of course, you can also count on them to warn your ex not to step within a five mile radius from your home.


Nostalgia is definitely inevitable for any dad at this point. Gone was the baby he used to sing lullabies to sleep, now replaced by a grown-up who’s embarking on another journey with a new member of the family. Despite the best wishes, he knows he’ll miss the child who once mounted on his shoulders but stick around anyway when advices on married life are much-needed.


Regardless of their bravado, dads can be pretty sentimental like most moms. It’s heartwarming to see fathers who have raised their children well enough to know that they’re going to be good parents too. Hence, check out the Grandpa’s priceless reactions when the good news took them by surprise.

What are your fondest memories with your dad? Share them in the Comments Section.

Mica Dela Rosa

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