What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Are you guilty of impulsively checking out your Facebook before even washing your face, or brushing your teeth? Don’t worry you’re not alone; there are five Pinoys who log in to their Facebook every single minute. If you’re equally hooked to this Facebook addiction, feast on these 8 startling facts about Facebook and Pinoys you probably didn’t know yet:

8. The Philippines is the second country with highest user growth on Facebook.

We’re also the 8th country that has the greatest sum of users around the globe. These numbers only show how Pinoys love interacting online. No wonder we were hailed as the Social Networking Capital of the World in 2011.

7. Facebook is blue because Mark Zuckerberg is red-green colorblind.

facebook old photo 7
This kind of blindness makes his vision predominantly blue.

6. Not Anne Curtis, but Vice Ganda is the most followed Pinoy celebrity on Facebook.

facebook old photo 6
Vice Ganda beats Angel Locsin, Christine Reyes, Kim Chiu and Vhong Navarro with 5, 271,317 local fans, and 6,141,330 global following. Anne Curtis didn’t even make it to top 50, while Marian River is only top 17.

5. Burger King once gave free whoppers to those who unfriended 10 people on Facebook.

facebook old photo 5
Tagged as the “Whopper Sacrifice”, the drive was thought to be a social experiment to observe human behavior. Facebook blocked Burger King’s app after this questionable campaign.

4. Pinoys love Jesus, but we love Facebook, Vice Ganda and Angel Locsin more

facebook old photo 4
Jesus Daily is only the 4th most popular page in the Philippines with 4,964,196 local following.

3. Pacman isn’t the most locally liked athlete on Facebook.

facebook old photo 3
One of the country’s greatest prides, Manny Pacquiao only falls at tenth place in the most locally loved sports page on Facebook. Filipinos love for NBA runs deep in social media.

2. Facebook’s founder wears the same shirt every day to save time.

facebook old photo 2
Mark Zuckerburg slips into the same gray tee daily to avoid spending useless time on choosing what to wear. Now you know one of his secrets to success: practicality.

1. People take “unfriending” SERIOUSLY.

facebook old photo 1
A guy in India burned a girl’s face with boiling water because the girl unfriended him on Facebook. A study actually posits that unfriending causes rifts in relationships.
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Czyka Tumaliuan

Czyka Tumaliuan juggles corporate hustle with freelance writing, custom catering and motherhood. She works as an eLearning specialist for multinational IT company Trend Micro.

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