The outrageous and outre outfits on the red carpet of the recent Star Magic Ball reveals fugly fashion and tasteful trends. Kill the stylists and designers who made horrible, unpardonable wardrobe malfunction! Praise to the great streamlined simplicity which made the stars shine bright! We start with the WTF and segue to the OMG looks.
Porno Couture. What were they thinking? This tops the Worst Dressed list. It is just plain scary.
They are not even married but she looks like a wedding cake was smeared on her body. She actually looks pregnant. Shame on the designer. P.S. He looks goofy in a tux.
Bad fitting, she looks like she borrowed her boyfriend’s jacket. Wrong choice. Lobotomize the stylist! Pity because she is pretty.
She looks fat and bloated. The short wig, the fabric, color and design is just plain stupid. He, on the other hand, looks yummy-liscious.
The big reveal! Enchong Dee with his beard. Both tastefully done by Keren Pascual who’s his manager and the creator of the Star Magic Ball. Next year let’s go back to living color. This Black and White is tired and overdone already! Besides, wearing white makes you 20 pounds heavier.
Fifties glamour—simplicity is true beauty. Quiet quality cuts the rug every time. Spit and polished for her and Jake Cuenca. But someone please tell him to wear socks next year!
Couple of the Night. No questions why! Black is always so elegant especially for Pinoys because we have black hair and dark eyes. It’s a head to toe look. Black because it absorbs light makes you 10 pounds lighter too. Good for Angelica and Loydie!
Good genes and good breeding goes a long way. Papa P in an imported tuxedo, Iza in peplum gun metal grey gown that is tasteful, trendy and sexy. This is a lethal combination for perfection!

Larry Leviste

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