If there’s one thing expecting moms should be happy about, it’s that we’re long past those days when sailor collars and Laura Ashley floral print dresses were the only options for dressing a pregnant body.

With a long list of well-dressed moms to take inspiration from, and chic, pregnancy-friendly clothes to wear, maternity dressing has never been as easy and as stylish as it is today. Best news of all, apart from that bun in the oven? You don’t have to break the nest egg while a you’re at it.


Your existing clothes can double as maternity wear. Your favorite leggings, oversized tees, tunic tops, caftans and loose dresses can well be worn until your second trimester. Fitted dresses look all the more sexy with your growing belly. Blazers, cardigans, jackets and cover-ups come in handy up until you pop.


Thank goodness for menswear dressing! Why buy boyfriend jeans when you can steal your husband’s denims? Wear his button-down shirts loose over your leggings or knotted with a favorite slim skirt. Wearing his clothes is just as chic as wearing his vintage watch.


If you absolutely have to buy something, buy basic pieces you can use even after you give birth. Leggings two sizes too big, tank tops, shirts and expandable trousers should do the trick and should serve you well during and after pregnancy.


With your growing boobs, belly and butt, you absolutely need to invest in underwear that fits well and grows with you. No ifs and buts about it.


While you won’t be able to see your feet and your shoes by your third trimester, you’ll know well enough you should feel good in shoes that provide support and comfort and look pretty. My default shoes when I was pregnant were dainty ballerina flats, leather sandals with delicate straps and old-school cool sneakers.


Nothing can jazz up a boring outfit like accessories can. Long necklaces draw attention to your to your cute bump. Dress up your arms with stacked bangles, bracelets and a favorite watch. It’s a cute way to put together all your favorite wrist pieces. A gorgeous bag or oversized sunglasses translates to effortless chic.


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Stay polished while pregnant! Hormones can wreak havoc on your skin, so take care of it with pregnancy friendly potions and creams. Keep your hair neat and tidy, or treat yourself to a blow out whenever you can. Finding it hard to maintain your long hair? Have it cut into a chic bob. Find time to put on make-up. Dabbing on a little color on your cheeks and lips adds a few more beams to your pregnancy glow!


Nothing makes a pregnant woman more gorgeous than a day free from aches and pains. Indulge in twice a month prenatal massages and go for your usual mani-pedi sans foot massage. Go and have fun with colorful nails, but remember to use water-based nail polish!

Do you have other maternity fashion to share with other moms? Let’s discuss in the Comments Section.

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Christine Dychiaco blogs at

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Christine Dychiao

Christine Dychiao blogs at She's a member of Mommy Mundo SoMoms.

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