o Father’s Day is just around the corner, and if you’re like most people, you’re probably feeling bad about not giving much thought on what to give your dad. Let’s face it, fathers are expected to be the strong, steadfast and stoic figures of the household; supposedly impervious to sappy holidays allegedly manufactured by Hallmark to marginally increase their profits for the year (see also: Grandparents Day).

But beneath that hard, expressionless exterior, the truth is, Dads welcome this holiday just as much as couples and chocolate companies look forward to Valentine’s Day. Sure, they don’t cry or hug you like your mom, but your dad’s cough-inducing pats on the back and inaudible grunts are, believe it or not, his way of saying, “Love you too, Anak.”

So before you think of mindlessly buying your dad yet another card for Father’s day, take the time to look over this list and show him that you really care.


Because fathers like to still think of you as their child and nothing says, “I need you, Dad” more than a tightly-sealed bottle of preserved goods. I don’t care if you bench press 500 pounds of pure steel; let him open that goddamn bottle.

Because deep down, every dad thinks he could have been Jack Bauer, but he chose to be a loyal husband and father instead. Give the photo with a homemade card that says “Thanks for being there 24/7” and he’ll go over the moon

Because everyone (especially your Father), wants the whole world to know how much you love them. He’ll probably use plausible deniability in his defense (ex. Oonga, pare. Di ko nga alam kung pano i-hide yan eh.) but you know he’s kilig inside.

Watch all three “Godfather” movieswith him–because every father has dreamt of re-enacting Don Corleone with his child. After the marathon, make sure to utter the words, “Grazie, Pop” and watch his smile go up his ears when he replies, “Prego.”

Because this is the most fun a dad can have while still getting back at you for the time you a) stole his cash, b) crashed his car, c) got home way beyond curfew, and d) whatever else you did during your rebellious phase.

Because he really misses that time when you’d put on his slippers for him when he got back from a long, tiring day at work. Let him know that you appreciate every day he’s spent at work just to give you a better future.

A bucket of his favorite beer (with the blessing of your mom, of course)–because nothing says, “you’re the perfect dad!” more than an ice-cold bucket of his favorite beer without reaping the consequences from your mother the morning after.

Because that’s all he really needs to know you love him.


Got other non-sappy (or at least not-too-sappy) stuff to add? Post them now in the Comments Section.

Michi Ancheta

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