e all know Father’s Day is an opportunity to show that special guy in your life just how much you appreciate and care for him. We also spend days deliberating over what to get for him, paralyzed with inaction until the day itself, with literally nothing to show for.
Yet getting a.jpgt for anyone (especially your own father) is a piece of cake, when you realize that many times it’s the simple things that are the most meaningful. You don’t need a grand plan to make your dad feel happy, as illustrated through these 8 Father’s Day.jpgt ideas.

8. Learn Something New Together

Sign you and your dad to a workshop, class, or even online course where you’ll both learn a skill or hobby. Even a one-day course will do, just to keep things simple. Before choosing what to sign up for however, make sure to ask your dad if he ever was ever interested in pickup up something new, no matter how silly. Who knows, you could discover that both of you have a thing for amateur photography — or cross-stitching!

7. Some Chocolates

Men love chocolates too. In fact, all men love free food, especially if it’s from someone they really care about. It’s a well-deserved treat. Get him a bar of Toblerone–you can even get one with a special message to Dad already. Special Toblerone bars are available for Dad’s day with the message “Wanna Hang Out Dad?” It’s a great gesture that will surely #MakeDadsDay.

6. A Special Dinner Out

Yes, all families will probably bring their father out to lunch or dinner for Father’s Day. The key to make your own gastronomical reward great is to be more selective regarding where you take him–it is, after all, an extra special day for them. You can even take advantage of specials various restaurants have prepared for the occasion. Case in point: Outback Steakhouse’s Award-Winning Steak Father’s Day Special!

5. Movie Night!

Nothing’s more manly than a movie night just for the boys. Your mother, sisters, and daughters can enjoy “The Fault in Our Stars,” while the guys watch the “Groundhog Day”-inspired military action vehicle “Edge of Tomorrow.”
If you wanna go old-school, check out this list of great Father’s Day movies.

4. Grandfather-Father-Son Gimik

You know what makes your dad even more happy? Knowing first-hand that his legacy will continue with your own children. He’ll know they’ll also be happy, grow up, and become successful in their own right, even if he won’t always be around to see it happen.
So make sure he sees his grandchildren as much as possible. Spend a whole day together. The grandchild will be amazed to hear how many shared experiences he has with his lolo, while the grandfather will love reliving his own childhood through his apo’s innocent and fresh outlook in life.

3. Free Hotel Stay

An overnight stay without having to deal with you kids would be a great vacation for your father. Just kidding, we’re sure he loves you all. But still, a free hotel stay in a great establishment would be a nice treat for him.
Now you may be wondering, why get something that your dad can probably pay for by himself? Well, like free food, fathers love free hotel stays. It means some well deserved alone time with his wife, and he won’t have to justify any spending to her.

2. Recreating Your Favorite Photo Together

It’s popular on the internet, finding childhood photos of yourselves and recreating it years or even decades later. These kind of photos are funny, because you have big grown men or women copying the same pose they took as tiny babies or toddlers.
Recreating photos also hit a nostalgic chord, showing your dad that no matter how much things change, no matter how big, busy, and different you become, it will always be about family. Awwww!

1. Going Retro

You probably know your dad’s favorite music, movie, video game, etc. Why not let him relive it?
For example, if your dad kept on beating you in Battle City for the Family Computer, why not make it work on your modern PC and let him play it there? If he loves Frank Sinatra, why not.jpgt your dad one of the singer’s many compilation albums? If he misses that jacket he wore in all his old photos, why not have a recreation made?
The point is that your dad has lived a wonderful life, full of experiences and situations that he thought he would never encounter again. By going a bit retro, you can help him rediscover things that made him happy when he was younger, and show your appreciation for him even more.
How are you making your dad’s day on Father’s Day? Post your #MakeDadsDay tips in the Comments Section.


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