Contrary to stereotypical beliefs, Canada is not just made up of igloos, snow and polar bears, this country is blessed with a vast expanse of space with diverse landscapes that will call you in. There are many reasons why people head up north to visit or to relocate, but for Filipinos, that’s a whole different list.
8. Free Aircon

The 24/7 sauna of the hot summer months in the Philippines will make you appreciate the cold. In Canada, there is no need to crank up your A/C or even use it. The cold air is enjoyed by everyone for free, all you need to do is step outside.

7. You will feel right at home

We are slowly dominating every country in the world and Canada is no exception. Home to 436,190 Filipinos, the population in Canada is still growing.

 6. Delicious Tap Water

Canada’s tap water makes MWSS look bad, really bad. This clean water that flows from the faucet of every Canadian household can easily compete against bottled and filtered water and best of all, this delectable fountain of life costs no extra charge.

5. Multicultural Playground

When Canada opened its doors to immigrants, many people from all over the world decided to take a chance for a new life in the northern side of the world. The end result is a melting pot of culture that pushes everyone to open their mind.

4. You can go on a Filipino Gastronomic Adventure

Canada is not lacking in famous Filipino restaurants such as Goldilocks and Max Fried Chicken but other than that, many Fil-Canadians have decided to share our rich cuisine by opening neighborhood Filipino restaurants serving home cooked meals. No, it will not replace your lola’s kick-ass kare-kare but it will surely bring you the taste of home on your plate.

3. Canada has beaches, bitches!

Our 7,100 islands surrounded by a bounty of gorgeous beaches will never be replicated but being close to the ocean definitely eases the pain. The beaches in the Atlantic seaboard have such unique landscapes while the beaches in the British Columbia area have all the West coast appeal. Yes, nothing beats the warm tropical waters of our beaches but if you experience one of the famous Canadian beaches such as Vancouver’s Wreck Beach (a nude beach where you can let it all hang loose) you’ll sit back and enjoy.

2. Adios to Bad Filipino Habits

Do you secretly want to punch that person who greets you with “ay tumaba ka?” You will be spared of this awful and rude Filipino habit once you’re on Canadian soil. We usually let go of some of our country’s bad habits once we leave because we are pretty good in adjusting ourselves accordingly.

1. Breathing in Clean Air

Unlike in Manila, you can take a deep breath in Canadian cities without feeling like you’ve inhaled smoke from a tambutso. You can thank the electric-powered transit system in Canada for lessening the pollution in the cities. Seriously, clean air will make a big difference in healthy living. It did cure my bad sinuses and I can now breathe happily.

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GK Limcangco Frieiro

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