his silly little game that caught the world like a great big planetary vortex. The online world is just filled with rage posts and comments about. So, I installed it, played and along the way, learned these things.

We still follow the crowd. One person raves (or gets mad), the world installs. Curiosity will kill the cat, and in this case, the bird.

But we refuse to be part of the crowd. You try your best to set yourself apart from everyone who cannot get even a bronze medal. Hah! (So far, I got 32 points and a gold medal. I feel like a jerk for bragging about it, but I see it as giving hope to those who think that it cannot be done.) Stay focused. After you get into the rhythm of the first three to six pillars, you will find that you can do it.

When someone tells us we can’t do something, we devote a significant amount of our time to try to prove them wrong. There’ll be times you’ll score zero, zilch, nada. But that’s okay. Just do it again and learn from your mistakes.

We don’t need to beat each other, really, but we have to keep beating our own scores. We need to keep getting better. Setting our own standards is an important part of life. Comparing yourself (/scores) to others can get exhausting.

We need to keep having something new in common to talk about with our friends. Like talking about the Vhong Navarro issue, we enjoy bashing the latest game craze especially if you have confidants who share the same feelings.

We like assigning deeper meanings to things. I heard a friend become a pseudo-philosopher because of this game. “It’s not how hard you try, it’s putting the right effort at the right time at the right place.” And yes, I realize what’s happening is a little ironic.

A whole lot of people are really bored and tired of this generation’s complexity. It took a game one basic control and one basic premise to rouse us from the confines of the routine that is our daily lives.

Frustration is a very powerful behavior changing tool. I firmly believe that J.Co’s popularity is directly proportional to their legendary lines. People enjoy going through hardship to achieve something for themselves.

What has Flappy Bird done to all of us? Share your feels in the Comments Section. Please.

Gamemaster Ari

Ari Bancale is a scientist at heart, an artist in mind, a beach bum online, and a gamer in theory. He loves food, the great outdoors, and most especially, food in the great outdoors. He dreams of making the Philippines more fun by building the biggest Filipino brand of awesome games.


Ari has 8 pairs of shoes, joined 7 university organizations, sleeps 6 hours a day, speaks 5 languages, trained in 4 martial arts, holds 3 academic degrees, can juggle 2 balls in one hand. And, he is still looking for the 1 he can call his significant other.


He's @gamemasterARI on Twitter and gamemaster2.0 on Facebook.

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