What’s for lunch? Can’t decide? Grab a coin, and toss it three times to end up with one of the restaurants listed below. Note that we only list food delivery hotlines that service areas within Metro Manila.

8. If your coin lands Heads – Tails –Tails: Dang Dee

The food is so good and so affordable. You can’t go wrong with them.

Go For: The Dang Dee classic! It’s really, really good, and that’s the only reason we’re including it in this list despite the very limited delivery area. Also, be warned: the farther you are from Benavidez street (Where Dang Dee is located), the higher your minimum order will have to be.

7. If your coin lands Tails – Heads – Heads: Chow King

Chinese food on the go.

Go For: Sir Chief. Okay, fine. Their Golden Chinese Pork Rice Lauriat, then.

6. If your coin lands Heads – Heads – Heads: McDonald’s

Get to them while the Shake Shake Fries still exists, stat! Also, their Happy Meals are back in a box.

Go For: Their Quarter Pounder meal, upgraded to Shake Shake Fries. Still waiting for their Cook Cook Burger, though.And their Stir Stir Juice.

5. If your coin lands Tails – Tails – Heads: Jollibee

It’s such a Pinoy standby that it’s hard to imagine not having this in the list.

You can also try their delivery website: jollibeedelivery.com.

Go For: Their Champ meal, with fries upgraded to Criss Cut Fries. The battle of the fries rages on between our two fastfood giants.

4. If your coin lands Tails – Heads – Tails: Magoo’s Pizza

Just to prove to you guys that yes, Magoo’s still exists.

Go For: Their pizza with everything on it.

3. 7. If your coin lands Heads – Heads – Tails: Shakey’s

Unless you really like stuffed crust, this is still the best value for your money when it comes to pizza, thanks to their Pizzanatic card.

Go For: Their Angus Steakhouse Pizza. Make sure to avail of a Pizzanatic card if you want a free pizza and softdrink to go with your order.

2. If your coin lands Heads – Tails – Heads: KFC

“Meserep eng menek nele.” – Daniel Padilla

Go For: Their Fully Loaded meals. Also, their fries.

1. If your coin lands Tails – Tails – Tails: Bon Chon

Fried chicken with a twist? Yes, please!

Go For: Their 2-piece thigh rice meal, and some calamares and their uniquely brewed iced tea. On the side, you could have some Poppers, if you want something other than fries for variety.

Got a suggested food delivery hotline, for Metro Manila and otherwise? Let us know in the comments below!


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