Pinoys think of the craziest, wittiest wordplay. We’ve seen funny business names such as laundry shop “Lord of the Rinse” and salon “Harry Cutter”; and companies like Cebu Pacific has regular brilliant taglines like “Betcha by Bali Now!” and “You say Dubai! I say Hello!”.

There are, however, those people who probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed and/or may have smoked too much of that wacky tobacky.
Behold, 8 taglines and slogans that would make you scratch your head and wonder what on Earth have we done wrong to deserve any of this.

8. Manila South Cemetery

No more singing that Hotdog song. We won’t be coming back to Manila. NO.

7. Belo Essentials


There is no debate that Anne Curtis has nice kili kili, but this hashtag is just really pushing it too far.

6. Pasig City

Dear Pasig City copywriters,
Guys naman. Is this how it’s gonna be? This is very–to cite the Manila copywriters–BACKWARD EVER.

5. Hotel Sogo

Hotel Sogo: Idolizing Captain Obvious since 1993.
It does not end here. The hotel chain takes it up a notch by having the following core values:
A-yos at Linis
S-ama-samang Saya

4. LBC

Somebody watched “Madagascar” and decided to ditch the old “Hari ng Padala” slogan.

3. Mang Inasar

Funny business name; slogan fail. Kuya naman.

2. Mandaluyong City

OK, this is neither a tagline nor a slogan (“Gawa Hindi Salita” slogan sounds fine). But check the rest of what’s going on in this photo and pay attention to the strange reasoning behind the ordinance. Does this mean all women who ride bikes cannot do us any harm? What if it’s a father-and-son/family thievery business? Sexist, absurd, and just plain confusing.

1. Figlia Shoes

All we’re feeling is grief. We do not Figlia. We don’t.
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