he past three seasons of “Game of Thrones” left us cheering, tableflipping, and crying all around. Let’s take a look back at some of the moments that have been etched into our memories. We’ll never forget but sometimes we really wish we could.

And here we thought he was the hero. But we found ourselves horribly wrong when Joffrey ordered the execution of Ned Stark as traitor to the realm. Worse, he followed through with it. (Yes, it happened in the book, too. I checked.)

Scared of heights? We certainly were afraid for Tyrion’s life and sanity (what would we do without his wit?!) when he was thrown into a Sky Cell or forced to stare down the Moon Door.
Fortunately, BROnn saved the day during the trial by battle. Props to you, bro!

Jon Snow may know nothing (Ygritte’s words, not mine), but he sure knows how to use fire.

This is a personal favorite, but who can help but be scared and be very, very scared when the King of the North and a giant direwolf stare you down?

Never mind that you’re actually seeing a woman giving birth. Whatever Melisandre’s “baby” is, well, we don’t really want to know. We’ll skip the birthing and give you a video Renly’s death-by-“baby” instead.

Ramsay’s a psycho and too much a Bolton. Theon had it coming. But cutting off the family jewels? That’s taking it a bit too far. No?
There’s such a love-hate dynamic here. At least we won’t have little kraken running around from that branch of the family.

Because really, one word is all the mother of dragons needs.

No, red isn’t the motif of this wedding. It is too horrible to think about. BRB, crying in a corner.
Ready for the “Game of Thrones?” Catch season four at 10pm on April 13 on HBO and HBO HD. While waiting, post your feels in the Comments Section.

Nadz Ruiz

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