GMA 7 has recently released their roster for seven new upcoming shows, plus a proposal to do a book two of a recent successful and controversial show.
The network promises that the new shows of their first quarter of the year will be “exciting” as they have jumped into random pairings (i.e. Alden-Marian, Rafael-Camille, Max-Luis et. Al) and brought back tried and tested ones (Jennylyn-Mark).
They are also giving the push to their new stars Kim Rodriguez and Kristoffer Martin and hope that they make it on their own.

Also known as “Arang and the Magistrate” Starring Lee Joon-Gi, Sheen Min-Ah and Yeon Woo-Jin
More famously known as “Arang and the Magistrate.” A South Korean drama that was done during 2012. The series falls under a horror – romance genre where Arang returns as a ghost to reveal details about her untimely death.
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Starring Max Collins and Luis Alandy; Directed by Don Michael Perez
Innamorata is about a girl named Esperanza who has a rare disease. Max Collins, last seen in as Dingdong Dantes’ love interest in “Pahiram ng Sandali” topbills this television series with Luis Alandy.

Starring Kristoffer Martin and Kim Rodriguez; Directed by Joyce Bernal
GMA has decided to give the chance to Kim Rodriguez, basically an unknown Kapuso star, to headline their early primetime slot.

Starring Louise Delos Reyes, Aljur Abrenica; directed by Don Don Santos
GMA’s answer to ABS-CBN’s “Dyesebel” features Louise Delos Reyes as both the protagonist and antagonist (hence the kambal in the title). Louise has said that she had to get over her fear of water to prepare for the role. She is being teamed up with Kapuso hunk, Aljur Abrenica for the very first time.
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Starring Camille Pratts, Rafael Rosell, TJ Trinidad and Pauleen Luna; Directed by Gil Tejada Jr.
Trust GMA to bring together all the tried and tested elements of a teleserye; In “The Borrowed Wife,” you have the envious best friend, a two-timing husband, an accident, an amnesia and plastic surgery.

Starring Jennylyn Mercado, Mark Herras and Yasmien Kurdi; Directed by Albert Langitan
Starstruck fans are sure to love this upcoming show of GMA 7. It has been 11 years since Mercado, Herras and Kurdi were all seen as contestants of the first ever Starstruck.

Starring Marian Rivera and Alden Richards; Directed by Dominic Zapata
Alden Richards gets his wish to be partnered with the GMA 7 primetime princess, Marian Rivera. In this new show, Marian plays Carmela, an extremely beautiful girl who comes back to her hometown to avenge all those who have done wrong to her mother (played by Agot Isidro).
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Starring Tom Rodriguez, Dennis Trillo and Carla Abellana
There is no confirmation regarding GMA 7 doing a book 2 of the very controversial series but Senior Vice President Lilybeth G. Rasonable has let it slip that there are “proposals” for a possible sequel. Fans are sure to mull over whether the sequel will be as exciting as the first or will fall into “The original is still the best” cliché.
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What are you looking forward to watch this year on GMA. Share your thoughts in the Comments Section.

Yna Santonil

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