These stylists should be fired for the epic red carpet fails that happened at the recent Golden Globe Awards. (Un)Like their movies, the gowns they chose were big fat flops.

Review the photographic evidence and agree with me that these 8 dresses were box office poison.

8. The monster ruffle that ate Paula Patton.

golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 8

7. The Jennifer Lawrence dress that went viral. Was it inspired by a tiered wedding cake? It looks better on a dog.

golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 7
golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 7a6. Christmas was last year, Nurse Jackie. What’s with the big fat bow?

golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 6

5. Ran out of fabric then put skinny jeans under, what was Emma Watson’s designer thinking?

golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 5

4. The color, the short front, the cap sleeves, this is a moving violation of good taste. Shoot Caitlin Fitzgerald’s stylist! Now!

golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 4

3. It should have been black or a very dark color, poor Gabourey Sidibe looks like an army tent.

golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 3

2. Alexander Wang for Balenciaga, it’s plain and downright ugly (but Kerry Washington is blooming and beautiful with that baby bump).

golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 2

1. Zoe Zaldana in Prabal Gurong Gone Wrong. It’s a nightmare. It’s just terrible.

golden-globe-awards-wardrobe-photo 1

Larry Leviste

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