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Halloween the only time of the year that we excuse grossness when talking about food so here.

8. Meringue Cookie Bones

halloween gory food photo 8a

The sight of these bones may make your dogs go crazy, but with one taste, your kids will get even crazier as they bounce off the walls from the sugar high meringue inevitably brings.

7. Eyeball pasta and cakes

halloween gory food photo 7

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If Santa Claus sees you when you're sleeping, this pasta sees so, so much more.


6. Meat Hand

halloween gory food photo 6

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And you were worried about a fly in your soup? Let us give you a hand for your astuteness.


5. Gory Finger Food Cookies

halloween gory food photo 5

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If this isn't hardcore enough for you, try the Sourtoe Cocktail. It comes an actual human toe!


4. Peach Jello Brain

halloween gory food photo 4b

Hannibal Lecter would be proud.

3. STD cupcakes

halloween gory food photo 2a

Probably the scariest food in the entire lineup. Normally available in the al fresco area in a certain bar around the Makati area, but not in cupcake form.

2. The Blood And Guts Of Surgery As a Cake

halloween gory food photo 3b

We're kind of used to this by now thanks to all those surgery simulator games, but seeing it up close and personal does give us a moment of pause.

1. H-armful drink

halloween gory food photo 1b

The puns just write themselves—but with the other arm.


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