All right, c’mon, guys. It’s just 140 characters (please Twitter and Facebook, lessen your word count too). Let’s make it right.
Overthinking (or underthinking) what hashtags to use just won’t cut it. You are not out to impress. Your simple mission is to share your views or whatever it is happening in your life to your friends and family.
Remember, friends and family members who follow you love you (we hope). No need to impress them with how much fun you’re having drinking or if you helped that lady cross the street or how clever that hashtag is. We get it. We like you already. That’s why we added you or are following you. Don’t make us “unfollow” or unfriend you with those cringe-worthy hashtags.
Anyway, here are 8 hashtags that we’re probably better off not using:
Hey, if you’re not sorry then people don’t care. They didn’t care in the first place. Putting that hashtag just makes them care even less. If you’re not sorry then why say you are in the first place? Make up your mind.
Yes, we all know that we all only live once. And yes, we were all taught to make the most out of life. But jumping out of a running car while drunk? Hashtagging #yolo then jumping off your roof with an umbrella?! Yes, please don’t come back to the world or don’t reproduce, dude. #WeWishYouNeverLivedAtAll.
Yes, we all wear clothes. And yes, we see you wearing your clothes. And it’s okay to post your “Outfit of the Day” but also posting your “Outfit of the Night” in the same day is something we try to leave to the fashion icons (and bloggers) to inspire commoners like you and me.
Although I have to tell you that I enjoyed looking at the pictures with this hashtag, it has come to an annoying point. Okay, your life is better than mine (yes, I am sour-graping)! Fine. Don’t rub it in. Oh, especially those who really weren’t in the island. What the hell, man? What gives? Just concentrate on working even harder so you can go next year.
People suddenly felt the need to share their post-coital glow and found nothing profoundly disturbing about it.
Okay then, you’re the best photographer in the world. Get out of Instagram then and sell your photos to somebody who actually cares if you used a filter or not. Filters are there to be used and not to be “#nofilter-ed.” Give those filters some respect. Shame on you. Poor filters. They weren’t doing anything bad to you.
Well, yeah, you just said it. So…what is the hashtag for? Oh, you’re too afraid to tag the person the message is meant for. Hmm…#coward.
#seriously #really #unbelievable #comeon #noway #pfft #blek #etcetera #blahblahblah #runningout #whatnow #notreallymakingsenseanymore #thisisdifficult #cantbreathe #turningblue #fourmorewords #annoyingright #yousuck #pleasestop #now
#BoomPanes was seriously considered to be included in the list but I still want my friends to respect me. Please post your lest favorite hashtags in the Comments Section.

Dinjo Constantino

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