It’s been reported that Mayor Jejomar “Junjun” Binay, Jr. allegedly pulled the “Don’t you know who I am?” card on a group of security guards at a posh subdivision in Makati just a few days ago. An incident that his camp has denied ever happening.

What is it with identity and names (and dropping them)? Here are 8 more Pinoys who’ve pulled the same stunt or variations of it.

8. Gretchen Barretto
Via Yahoo

Two acts of “Don’t you know who I am?” in one story.

An urban legend: while inside an elevator of a building, the eldest Barretto sister was irked when an old lady stepped in. Gretchen asked her aide to tell the old lady to get out of the elevator.

The old lady then told Gretchen, “Get out of my building.” Turns out the old lady was mother of the building’s owner! Subsequently, Ms. Barretto was never allowed in the building again.

7. Boyet Fajardo

“‘Di niyo ‘ko kilala?”
Boyet Fajardo, to the staff of a store when asked to provide identification for a credit card purchase (via

A fashion designer with some measure of international success, Fajardo got more fame than he bargained for when he was caught on video power-tripping a saleslady at a Duty Free store. He later apologized and labeled his tantrum a “creative outburst,” then proceeded to ask us to support his clothing lines.

6. Kris Aquino

“Tandaan mo ‘to: may three years pa ang kapatid ko.”
Kris Aquino, to James Yap in an argument

Yap claimed Aquino said this to him in a phone conversation. She denies having said it.

Obviously, Kris didn’t need to remind James who she is, since they were married and all, but maybe she felt the urge to make sure he knows exactly who her brother is.

5. Stephen Michael Bacosa

“Pare dahan dahan lang sa pambabastos mo sa uncle ko ha? kilala kita. ka batch ka ng utol ko!! kung cyber bully ka, ako BULLY sa real world at alam nyo yan.”
— Stephen Miguel Bacosa (via a Facebook private message), nephew of Senator Tito Sotto, to one of the Senator’s detractors

At the height of the whole Sottocopy issue, Bacosa didn’t need to ask if people knew him but the public ended up knowing that he sure knew someone.

Bonus! Obsession with identity must run in the family since Tito Sotto had also allegedly pulled the “Don’t you know who I am?” line in the mid-90s at a security guard of a posh subdivision when he was asked for identification. Read about it here.

4. Nasser Pangandaman Jr. and/or Delfin dela Paz

“Hindi nila kami kilala! Sabihin mo sa kanila kung sino ako!”
— Masiu Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr., to his golf caddy and at Delfin dela Paz

“Hindi mo ba ako kilala? Member ka ba dito?”
— Delfin dela Paz, to Masiu Mayor Nasser Pangandaman, Jr.

Allegedly, the Dela Paz party golfed through the Pangandaman party’s area and the argument ensued. To this day, it’s not entirely certain which of the two parties in the infamous 2009 Valley Golf brawl pulled the “Don’t you know who I am” card, but it seems at least one of them definitely did.

3. Janet Napoles

“Sila kilala ko sila pero hindi nila ako kilala.”
Janet Napoles, when asked if she knows lawmakers during a Senate Blue-ribbon Committee Hearing

In this crazy twist of the “Don’t you know who I am?” line, Napoles had all of us shaking our heads and wondering if she plain forgot how many pictures she had taken with all these senators.

2. ER Ejercito
Via Yahoo

“Hindi naman ako ordinaryong governor. Artista rin ako. At ‘di ako basta-bastang artista. Ako si Asiong Salonga at ako si El Presidente!”
ER Ejercito, justifying his being late for a palace meeting with President Aquino

He didn’t ask us if we knew him, he told us. Thank you for clearing it up, dear governor. Now we have a better idea of who you are, we think.

1. Inday Badiday
“Kilala mo ba ako?”
Inday Badiday, on her TV shows (See True, Eye to Eye)

If there is anyone who can ask the public about her identity and still be loved, it is Ate Luds! An entertainment talk show host (and grandmother of actor/TV personality IC Mendoza), she would usually ask this question to children who had been found on the streets. Her show did public service by helping search for the children’s families.

Bonus! Ate Luds had a gravelly voice, resulting in this incident:

Inday Badiday to a lost child on her show: Kilala mo ba ako?
Kid: Opo.
Inday Badiday: Sige nga, sino ako?
Kid: Bakla po.
Cut to commercial!

Do you know of any other famous (or think-they’re-famous) Pinoys who have pulled the “Don’t you know who I am” card? Share in the Comments Section.


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