Pinoys sure are a creative bunch when it comes to wordplay.

Here’s a list of acronyms we use when signing dedications in slumbooks.
Here’s a list of Filipino words that don’t have English translations.
And here is a collection of 8 food terms that are used to describe beauty or the lack of it.


Body looks good, face does not. (What part of a shrimp do you throw away?)


A barkada of hipons.


A hipon with fashion sense.


Face is okay but body is too thin.


Face and body are not so okay but is brainy. (Bone marrow is colloqiually called utak.)


Face and body are not okay, but maganda ang kalooban.


Smells funky, but yummy!


Delicious from head to tail. And if any is leftover, lechon is taken home!

What do you think of these terms? Do you know of any other food terms to describe physical appearances? Share in the Comments Section below.

Lady Santelices (Illustration)

Lady enjoyed Math during primary and secondary school. After a friend asked for a portrait sketch as a graduation gift, her dream of being an accountant changed into wanting a life in creative advertising design--making it then difficult to solve math problems. Lady now spends most of her time creating art-related works and turns her humor and wittiness into comics and illustrations. She's currently a designer for 8List. See most of her artworks, fashion blogs, and inspirations at leidysorrain.tumblr.com.

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