o after nine long years, the finale for “How I Met Your Mother” is finally upon us, and mixed feelings abound as we speak. Some loved it, some hated it, many felt unsatisfied with it. While this will obviously be a spoiler-laden list, but if there’s one thing everyone at the 8List loves to do, it’s over-analyzing every little thing.

It’s good to see that all is well for Marshall and Lily. Marshall turns down the judgeship offer so Lily can pursue her dream. But Marshall eventually becomes a judge in Queens and they make two more kids.


Robin becomes a successful news reporter. This demanded her to travel to different places sparking trouble for the Barney and Robin Tandem.


The final season was devoted to the wedding weekend of Barney and Robin. And then they divorce. Ugh.


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Following the divorce, Barney reverts to his single life and impregnates a woman. Upon the birth of the child, Barney vowed to devote his life to fatherhood.


Apparently, some fans are legitimately more curious about how the pineapple ended up at Ted’s bedside one hungover morning.


We know her in various descriptions such as The Mother, The Girl with the Yellow Umbrella, and eventually Mrs. Mosby. We’ve seen a glance of her foot and other instances of her meeting Ted. 8 seasons later, we see the face of Cristin Milioti portraying the character. And as the series end, her name is finally revealed.

Meet Tracy McConnell.


The Conspiracy Theory came true. Fans were initially curious on why Ted had to sit down his kids and tell them the story of How he met their mother and why the mother isn’t present while telling the story. It was revealed that Ted tells the story in 2030, six years after the mother’s death. However, this tragic event lead to…


With Ted widowed and Robin divorced, there lies the chance for the two to get back together. We saw how Ted made a lot of sacrifices for Robin over the years until she got married and he found love with “the Mother.” After the divorce, Robin kept wondering how everything could have been better had she ended up with Ted.

In the end, Ted’s kids concluded that the story was never “How I Met your Mother” but is more “How I’m still in love with Aunt Robin.”

How did you feel about the ending? Did it feel like an April’s Fools joke to you, too? Post your feels in the Comments Section.

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