diabetic-date-headtitle Diabetes is a common disease where the patient cannot produce or produces very little insulin to break down sugars within the body. Diabetics need to have lifestyle modifications and healthy living in order to ensure their well-being. This could be quite challenging for a lot of people, specifically new couples–most might not be aware what’s going on and what to do when taking care of a diabetic partner.
To raise awareness of World Diabetes Day (November 14) here are 8 tips for all of you who are dating a diabetic.
diabetic-date-text8 diabetic-date-photo8 You’ll never know when they’ll suddenly collapse from a low blood sugar count, so having something sweet in your pocket or bag can save their life. Giving them Coke or glucose tablets will boost their sugar up quickly. diabetic-date-text7 diabetic-date-photo7
Diabetics, when their blood sugars are elevated or low, have tendencies to act outside their norm such as behaving inappropriately, fidgeting, and even saying nonsensical things. If they start acting weird, just be there for them (and maybe give them food!). diabetic-date-text6 diabetic-date-photo6
Your loved cannot do prolonged and extreme sports (whole-day mountain climbing, biking), as this will drop their blood sugar level. When thinking of these types of activities, it’s best if you ask them first if they can do it.
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As a diabetic, having a heavy weight will affect your insulin intake (you will take larger doses of insulin just to eat) and blood sugar levels. With your loved one’s support, they will bring you to the right path of living a healthy lifestyle to ensure your longevity. So if they shout “lose weight and exercise!” at you, take it as a compliment and a sign of love.
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You might be a foodie but remember, you have to make sure that your loved one has to eat right. If you’re at a restaurant buffet, for instance, try to encourage them to go a la carte rather than head over to the buffet selection. It’s also best to avoid alcoholic beverages and desserts that contain too much sugar. diabetic-date-text3a diabetic-date-photo3
Just as their world is clearer with you and their eyeglasses, always be there to support them and lead the way when things become blurry and difficult. diabetic-date-text2 diabetic-date-photo2
He or she may be needing to face needles for their insulin shots or blood sugar count, just remind them: you’ll just be there to ease the pain. diabetic-date-text1 diabetic-date-photo1
Encourage them to wear shoes at all times! A diabetic’s feet can easily get wounded and if the wounds don’t get treated, they can get amputated.
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Daniel Gonzales

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