PMS-men-survival-headtitle3 Men, it’s that time of the month again where everything you do or say is wrong, and you get to go on a roller coaster of emotions thanks to your significant other. It’s that time of the month where your ladylove transforms into the Incredible Hulk – PMS!
Premenstrual Syndrome, or PMS, is a collection of emotional and physical symptoms related to a woman’s menstrual cycle. Behavioral symptoms include anxiety, tension, and depression. There will also be mood swings, food cravings, changes in appetite, and insomnia.
It doesn’t end there. There are also physical symptoms like headache, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, weight gain, abdominal bloating, acne breakout, diarrhea or constipation, and breast tenderness.
Sounds like a barrel of fun, right?
It’s that time when she wants to be left alone, wants to be held tightly, cry madly, have fits of rage, yell, and gorge on an ungodly amount of pizza or chocolates–possibly all at the same time. Worse, she’ll try to bite your head off by yelling at you, declaring you don’t know how it feels since you were born with a wiener and not 2 x-chromosomes. ~4r4y k0h naman b3h.
Being with your partner during this period feels like navigating through a minefield or like one of those action movies where the hero has to navigate through laser alarms–anything and EVERYTHING can set her off. As such, here’s a simple guide for you to survive that time of the month and to ease the discomfort of your girlfriend/wife/baby/honey/bae/b3h.
PMS-men-survival-text8 PMS-men-survival-photo8 Want a free concussion and/or a knee to the groin? Tell her she’s PMS-ing! Don’t ever accuse a woman of having PMS. Doing so will just invalidate what she’s currently experiencing, making her angrier, putting you on the receiving end of a nipple-twister or worse: a nipple-twister AND a Stone Cold Stunner. Don’t be dismissive!
PMS-men-survival-text7 PMS-men-survival-photo7 She’s already very moody as well as tense and anxious (and possibly depressed) to begin with, so the last thing you want to do is surprise her. This can contribute to her anxiety. If you have any big news to share, wait until she can handle it and give it her full attention when the PMS is a non-factor.
PMS-men-survival-text6 PMS-men-survival-photo6 PMS-men-survival-photo6a You could be one of those men who need to be where the action is. However, with your partner in crime having to endure sore joints and bloating, going out wouldn’t be the best idea. If you do need to go out and socialize, always check with her first before confirming. Keep this in mind most especially in events that may require her to dress up, as bloating can add a few pounds. She will then ask you variations of the “Do I look fat” question, with which the answer is always, always no (unless you want another meltdown).
PMS-men-survival-text5 PMS-men-survival-photo5
Once she starts craving (and almost literally inhaling) all the carbs and sweets within a 90-mile radius, don’t point out that she’s gorging on food as if she’s trying to qualify for the heavyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Women often seek comfort in food during this time period, so don’t be surprised or point out her new ability to devour a large pizza in minutes. It’s not your job to watch what she’s eating, so it’s best to stay out of her way. However, it is a good idea to keep your fridge full.
PMS-men-survival-text4 PMS-men-survival-photo4 She’ll be in a seemingly bottomless well of discomfort. Cramps can be such a bummer, that some women prefer to just lie in bed when they have PMS. Don’t expect her to do much of anything. Instead, why not take on some of her chores? You can clean, cook, take her dogs out to go poop…you get the idea. Kill her with kindness! She’ll appreciate the gesture, and there’ll be a lesser chance that she’ll put you on the receiving end of an RKO from outta nowhere!
PMS-men-survival-text3 PMS-men-survival-photo3 Having a calendar handy is an awesome way to know when you need to be patient and deal with a PMS-ing partner. Mark the days to help keep you on your toes and understand why ( or when) she turns from a Dr. Jekyll to a Mr. (or Ms.) Hyde. Don’t tell her that you’re keeping a calendar, though, so they’ll just see you as a super sweet guy that understands what she’s going through. Score! In special cases though, some women have irregular cycles so watch out!
PMS-men-survival-text2 PMS-men-survival-photo2 She’ll most likely have a really short fuse while she’s going through hormonal hell, so don’t take anything she says or does personally. Her emotions might get the best of her, leading her to act immature, snap at you, say hurtful things, and more. Don’t lose your temper and don’t get even. Doing these will only make things worse. Just try to understand where she’s coming from and put yourself in her shoes. Apologize and agree when you need to. Be a compassionate and supportive man!
PMS-men-survival-text1 PMS-men-survival-photo1 Nope, it’s not for her. It’s for you. You’re gonna need it.
Remember, a guy who knows how to deal with PMS is a keeper!
Dealing with a PMS-ing partner? Share your thoughts with us in the Comments Section below!

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