There was a time generation gaps took 20 years to be very tangible, but it seems that nowadays, that gap only takes 10 years (or even less) now.

As someone born in the ‘80s, here are 8 things I can’t believe I have said to kids born in the ‘90s. Maybe people in my age group have said very similar things, too.


Cable TV? The internet? Going to Boracay? Fat chance. As they used to say “bawal magsaya habang patay pa si Kristo.”


Teachers were a lot easier to impress back then. I think.


Funny Komiks ruled the roost back in the day. Now, if you wanted to buy Pinoy komiks, it’s not going to come cheap.


I only shudder to think what abbreviations we’re going to have to put up with in the next five years or so, IYKWIM.


It’s pretty much how we always compare new bands coming out to the Eraserheads, while our parents think that Ely Buendia and company could never even hold the guitar pick of Pepe Smith’s Juan dela Cruz Band. Now, we tout the superiority of the Backstreet Boys over One Direction, even if most of us probably regretted our BSB phase a year or two after they peaked. The things nostalgia does to you…


Mara Clara’s first run lasted 5 years. The remake lasted 9 months.


Nowadays, you won’t see any of that unless you go to the seedier cinemas in the Quiapo or Cubao area. Surreal art at its finest.


Fort Santiago was the shiznit.


Got other statements that make you feel old? Yeah, maybe cos we old. Please share them in the Comments Section so we can commiserate.

Janus Dosequis Harvey

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