Valentine’s Day makes you think about all the gross things that couples do to keep their relationship exciting. Here are some of them.

In case they lose each other in a crowd. Or if they want to make their friends uncomfortable.

A light snack between the sheets. Why not?

You know what they say about the moth and the flame.

So they won’t have to gross out their Facebook friends (i.e. us) anymore.

So they’ll always know where to find each other.

For listening to all their 27 theme songs—privately!

Who says they can’t sleep together when they’re away from each other?
Oh and the perfect LDR gadget:

Kissinger, the long distance kissing machine! Gross.

Talk about making the most out of their time together.
Brace yourselves for more couple/coupling-related posts, guys. We’ll wait for your reactions in the Comments Section.


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