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Rapped to this beat. Start at 0:27. You should be done by 1:09.

Mr. President, my fellow countrymen
My privilege speech, pay attention, listen

What’s up with the media? (they demonizing me)
What’s up with the Congress? (they demonizing me)

Villar-Pangilinan, no procurement proper
Cayetano-Santiago, they’re not in the picture

What about Gonzales, he’s got a lot of money?
Hundreds of millions, for whatever shopping spree

That COA head, a Grace named Pulido
She filing reports, below double zero

Let us not forget, that PDAF allocations
Are possible through, exec machinations

My money went to hospitals, I gave to the masa
So pay attention elsewhere, to places like Zamboanga

What’s up with the media? (not treating me fairly)
What’s up with you all? (not treating me fairly)

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