We don’t really want to know what tracks there are in Senator Bong Revilla’s playlist, for fear that they might just be a combination of “hits” he recorded himself and church songs. Senator Jinggoy Estrada, on the other hand, surrendered his playlist to his dad. It’s with Senator JPE, pretty much the Frank Underwood of the Philippines, and older than the ballpoint pen, where the action’s at.

What songs did he put in his playlist when he was arrested last week? A man who rocks earphones at 90 can only be a true-blue audiophile, after all. Excluding the obvious “My Way” from Frank Sinatra (Whoever sings along to it might get shanked, after all. If it happens out in videoke joints, it can happen in prison.) Here are 8 of his tracks, with his explanations for each of his picks.


I Picked This Track Because: “I realize I need a new hobby while I’m here, awaiting trial. While Bong probably has his music album and Jinggoy has his loom bands, origami seems like a good call.”

Key Lyrics: “Paper roses, paper roses. Oh how real those roses seem to me…”


I Picked This Track Because: A dear friend of mine likes this song. It just has a nice ring to it. I went with a more contemporary rendition, though.”

Key Lyrics: “Oh give me land, lots of land, under starry skies above. Don’t fence me in.”


I Picked This Track Because: “I still have ten!”

Key Lyrics: “Cause we only got a hundred years to live…””


I Picked This Track Because: “I’m tired of this. Times have changed. #InMyTime, people doubted Marcos was healthy. Now, they doubt I’m sick. If I were lying, do you think they would let me leave Crame for an eye checkup?”

jpe playlist photo5

Visual proof (We meant the headline, okay?).

Key Lyrics: “I got an ice box where my heart used to be…”


I Picked This Track Because: “It’s a song I’d like to dedicate to a certain colleague of mine who shall remain unnamed. It also helps that the album the song came from has an extra message for her.”

Key Lyrics: “Maybe they’re right when they tell me I’m wrong… NAAAAAAHHHH!!! I’m an asshole.”


I Picked This Track Because: “I actually used to do Fliptop battle raps back #InMyTime, you know. Back then, they were called ‘Balagtasan.’ You better recognize.”

Key Lyrics: “When I wrote about parties, it didn’t fit. Six in the mornin’, that was the real sh*t. Original Gangster.”


I Picked This Track Because: “Don’t ask, and nobody gets hurt.”

Key Lyrics: “Bakit ba hindi ka nakilala nang ako’y malaya pa? At hindi ngayon ang puso ko’y may kapiling na?”

jpe playlist photo2

Photo unrelated.


I Picked This Track Because: One guess why.

Key Lyrics: “Oh Polly, Pretty Polly, your guess is about right. Polly, Pretty Polly, your guess is about right. I dug on your grave the biggest part of last night.”

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