t’s a fact that the country’s in love with Julia Barretto.  At 17, she’s already one of the most marketable stars. She has everything it takes to be the next it-girl—she’s fresh, beautiful and talented. But what’s really awesome about her is that she’s a no-frills, down-to-earth type.
The 8List team met up with Julia at the launch of her newest endorsement, Jollibee Yumburger, also known as the Pinoy’s favorite langhap-sarap burger.
We asked her about her Pinoy  faves and here’s what she shared.
8-Jollibee-Julia-Baretto2 Barbecue and taho!
You can’t help but love her more when you know she loves barbecue and taho, right? 

Yum with Cheese. It’s so simple, but it tastes amazing.  Everything about it is so good—the taste, the smell—talagang langhap-sarap.
It’s the ultimate Pinoy comfort food!

Bea Alonzo and Ms.Vilma Santos! With Bea, I’d like to do maybe a movie about sisters. And with the Star for All Seasons, something a little heavy and serious like “Anak.”
All three of them in one film (as mom and sisters in a heavy drama) sounds awesome, too.

I like staying home, staying in bed and watching movies or TV shows. I also like eating out and shopping.
You might just see her hanging out in Jollibee when she’s not at home watching movies.

My family and my best friends.
Julia may be the newest it-girl in local showbiz but she remains close to her family (she’s best friends with cousin Simone) and the people she grew up with.

Sarah Geronimo
And like (THE) Sarah G, Julia likes all things real and simple.

Who can say no to Boracay’s pristine aquamarine water and fluffy-fine white sand? All Julia needs is a lounge chair and a tall glass of ice-cold iced tea.

We like to take risks and really go for the things we are passionate about. I love that we are adventurous and know when to let our hair down.
And let’s keep it that way, shall we?
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