im Jong-un may be three years younger (although no one really knows his real age) than Jejomar “Junjun” Binay, Jr., but could he be the latter’s inspiration for his political career?

They kind of, sort of look alike and Jong-un rhymes with Junjun, right? So here are 8 other reasons that Kim could be Binay’s life peg.



Kim is currently the Supreme Leader of North Korea.

Binay is the Mayor of Makati City.


Kim succeeded his father Kim Jong-il for North Korea Supreme Leader.

Binay succeeded his father Jejomar Binay for Makati Mayor.


Kim attended the Ruling Workers’ Party’s 65th anniversary celebration in 2010 where there was “unprecedented international press access was granted to the event, further indicating the importance of Kim Jong-un’s presence.

Binay was elected mayor for the 2010 Makati City local elections.


If this Youtube music video is any indication, North Korea wants to spread its wings all the way to the USA. (Remember to turn on the English subtitles.)

It seems Binay wants to control The Fort.



Kim had Dennis Rodman visit him.

Binay’s father shook hands with Yao Ming.


Kim Jong Un 

Junjun Binay


A black long-sleeved military coat for Kim.

A white long-sleeved barong for Binay.


The only thing left that Binay could emulate from Kim is holding his own umbrella when it’s actually raining.

Some people say Binay’s umbrella episode may show that he’s actually using Imelda Marcos as his life peg, but who knows, Binay and his aide might be just rehearsing for a singkil dance.


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