ey comic geeks, there’s finally a lifestyle store for you. We interviewed Ivan Guerrero, Chief Creative Officer for Kapow! Universe.



Just so you know, Kapow! Universe is a foreign franchise with its very first store located in Beijing, China. Kapow! is a collaboration between Walt Disney Fashion and Consumer Products, MINDstyle International LLC and local partners Collecticons Inc, the new team behind Filbar’s.

Kapow! Universe is the very first store of its kind in South East Asia. The store is located at the 3rd floor inside Glorietta 5.

Its the first official Marvel lifestyle store in the country 8V



Yep. Filbar’s is under new management and although Kapow! Universe and everyone’s iconic comic store are separate entities, they are run by the same people. According to Ivan Guerrero, “the new Filbar’s caters to various comic, sci-fi and fantasy niches. Marvel fills in a very large niche in the market so we felt that it was strong enough to warrant its own store.”

Kapow! Universe was founded by President and CEO Jacob Cabochan with Ivan Guerrero as Chief Creative Officer. The other founders include Ronald Abigan, Kenneth Gaisano and Eric Cabochan.




Here’s Ivan again. “In a nutshell, the store looks and feels like S.H.I.E.L.D. facility. When you step through the doors, you are no longer in a shopping mall. You are in the Marvel Universe.

SHIELD is the perfect doorway into that Marvel U. It allows us to experience this amazing reality of superhuman beings and cosmic events through very human eyes, which in itself encapsulates “The Marvel Way” of storytelling.”

Their store looks like a SHIELD Facility 6V



Can you spot the radioactive spider hanging from the ceiling? What about Wasp and Ant Man lurking in the piping? Can you identify the references to the name plates of the S.H.I.E.L.D. lockers?

There are hidden gems located around the store 5V



According to Ivan, “our team basically grew up with Marvel. Each of us were friends in high school and each of us read a particular Marvel title. So when the opportunity presented itself, we really jumped at it.”

Theyre big fans of everything Marvel 4V



From apparel, funk pop, collectibles, bags, flash drives and a whole lot more, Kapow! Universe is your one stop shop for the geek lifestyle. Every month, Kapow! Universe brings in at least two-four new brands. Currently they are working on bringing in Kidrobot Collectibles, Magic: The Gathering apparel and even some Doctor Who items. For geeky parents, they will also be bringing in apparel for your babies!

They dont just sell Marvel comics They sell a lifestyle 3V



Expect to see a lot of Kapow! during Free Comic Book Day and tie ups with upcoming local movie releases.

Geek FIght Free Comic Book Day Events 2V



The store in Glorietta 5 is the first of many to come. Future plans include a new Filbar’s store in SM North EDSA and they are also shopping around for a new home for the next Kapow! Universe store.


Our name is Legion for we are many 1V

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