Solenn Heussaff is now considered as one of the most A-list of the country’s roster of A-list actors.  Why wouldn’t she be? She’s gorgeous, steaming hot, and has a multitude of talents that put many actresses to shame. It’s no wonder that both the male and population go gaga over her.

This January, she’ll be starring in the Bollywood-inspired inter-cultural love story “Mumbai Love” directed by Benito Bautista. The trailer has stirred great interest in moviegoers.

Apart from the scenic views of India, we see Solenn as the innocent (but overly gorgeous) Ella partnered with Nandi, a Filipino-Indian played by Kiko Matos.

Born in Macau and raised in Paranaque, the 23-year old Fil-Portuguese Matos made his screen debut last year in “Babagwa” (The Spider’s Lair), screened at Cinemalaya. We are all intrigued by the new leading man of Solenn, so we took the time to get to know him better. And what better way to get to know him than through his stomach.

Here are 8 spicy foods that make Kiko Matos sizzling enough to be partnered with one of the hottest women of the Philippines.

8. KFC spicy chicken

Kiko starts out with the basics. Simple with just the right hotness. Close enough to be describing Solenn, don’t you think?

7. Indian Achar (Indian Pickles)

Kiko discovered this while shooting their film in India. There are many other varieties of this Indian pickle, but he specifically likes the Mango variety.

6. Gising-gising

This keeps Kiko awake enough for the long hours of shoot with Solenn.

5. Kilawin

Kiko remembers discovering Kilawin when he was in Grade 5. He’s loved it ever since.

4. Chicken Biryani

Kiko first tasted the authentic Chicken Biryani while filming in India. He describes it as poetry in his mouth. Solenn’s leading man sure knows how to get us hungry!

3. Mexican Spaghetti

Kiko’s original recipe which is a stable food in their family’s gatherings especially during Noche Buena. He refuses to share his recipe in cooking it and tempts us instead by saying “You just have to try it.” Will this dish make us fall in love with him?

2. Laing

It’s not only spicy but extremely healthy as well! Kiko prefers his laing cooked by a Bicol local because only then can it be spicy enough. He can’t help but sing “Laing beside you, here in the dark” We’re pretty sure he’s used that one on Solenn.

1. Ginataang Puso ng Saging

Ginataang puso ng saging may not be famous for being spicy but Kiko convinces us that he loves it really, really spicy. He describes the experience of eating ginataang puso ng saging: “This is the only dish that can make me feel like a child again. I sweat a lot, I turn red and I would need lots of H2O. I love it.”

Wait, was he talking about eating, or how he is when he sees Solenn?

Catch Kiko Matos and Solenn Heussaff as “Mumbai Love” opens in select cinemas this January 16. What spicy dishes or spicy leading men do you enjoy? Share in the Comments Section below.

Yna Santonil

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