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There’s no denying it: we Filipinos can’t get enough of Kobe. The Black Mamba has dropped by the Philippines so many times already, he probably has a guest room at Keith Martin’s house by now. Despite that, every single time Kobe swings by the country, we go nuts at the very sight of him. It was no different yesterday, August 12, during a press conference publicizing the superstar athlete's association with Lenovo Philippines.

In between all the craziness that happened, yours truly managed to steal Kobe away from the harsh glare of the spotlights for a few minutes just to have a very intimate, off-the-wall interview with him. Kobe was eloquent, gregarious, persistent, and seemed to have the perfect answer for every single hard-hitting question I threw at him. But don’t take my word for it: see for yourself!


Kel Fabie

Kel Fabie. is a DJ, host, mentalist, satirist, comedian, and a long-time contributor to 8List (Hello, ladies!). He has an Oscar, a Pulitzer, a Nobel, and two other weirdly-named pet dogs. He blogs on mistervader.com.

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