here was a chill to the night air that cut right to the bone, I almost wanted to run back to the warmer confines of the office. I hugged my office blazer tighter around me. It was unusually cold, I thought, as it was the middle of summer. Oh, but who could predict the weather these days? So erratic.
I looked up. Not a single star was in sight. And the moon was barely visible from behind the dark thick clouds. Looked like it was going to rain. Felt like it too. And as if I was a sorceress, summoning the forces of nature (I was not. Definitely), an icy drop suddenly fell on my cheek.
“Uh-oh,” I muttered, opening my bag to fish out my umbrella. I was being fetched but my companion might not arrive soon. I could not very well just stand in the rain to wait.
He arrived even before my fingers could touch the little foldable. I felt a sudden rush at the sight of his car approaching. Heart flutters. Tummy flutters. Hands turn clammy and cold. Eyes brighten in anticipation. That kind of anticipation one gets when the one they love is near.
“Sorry, I’m late,” he greeted me as soon as he got off the car. He went around to the passenger side to open the door for me. Hugged me tight. Gave me a kiss before ushering me in. “Kanina ka pa?”
“No naman,” I shook my head before settling in. He just smiled and nodded then shut the door. He went around once more, got in the driver’s side. “So. Are you ready?” I popped the question when he had turned on the ignition and we were pulling out of the curb.
He didn’t need to answer. His smile said it all. I could even feel the excitement radiating from his body. Tonight was the night. We had been getting ready for this for the last couple of months. And as we neared our destination, my heart pounded faster. Heavier. The rain also started to pelt the small car with large, heavy globs.
“Thank you for all the help,” he kissed my cheek once more as he hugged me tight. Then he got off the car to fetch his soon-to-be fiancee. My best friend. And I stare dry-eyed as the scene unfolded before me. The rain raged outside as I sat alone in silence. Really. I wasn’t a sorceress. I did not ask the heavens to cry for me.

Jette Gonzales

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