Just when we all thought the online covers and parodies of the songs from the Disney animated movie “Frozen” had run their course, now comes the “Love is an Open Door”-in-a-car version.

A couple lipsynched to the song in their car and posted the video online. Their video inspired people to make their own versions.

For your reference, here is the original version from the movie:

Here are 8 of the copies and parodies. Enjoy!

Bromance lipsynch

Woman with green hair and her husband in car

Young and reverse gender version (Hahaha, cute!)

Girl friends poking fun at the song (This isn’t in a car and they really skewer the song, all in good fun, of course.)

Twins in car

Sibling version

A couple sings a capella

Bloopers (This is what it really took to film this kind of singing-in-a-car video.)


Which of the versions above is your favorite? Share your version of the song in the Comments Section.


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