We went to Mad For Garlic a few weeks ago and here’s what we think.

8. It’s located at Bonifacio High Street, a melting pot for foodies.

Located in the same vicinity as IHOP, Mad For Garlic looks like a wine bar from the outside, with its display of wines stacked along the walls and chillers. It’s not until you see the storefront sign that you detect something’s not quite so familiar anymore.

7. Oh and they’re really mad for garlic. Like REALLY.

Unlike that other restaurant that claims to be crazy about garlic, Mad For Garlic hits a home run with its traditional and slightly off-tangent dishes dashed with garlic. Being an Italian restaurant with origins in South Korea (it’s odd, we know, but it works!), the menu primarily serves a hefty selection of pizzas, pastas and risotto. Most of which are topped with garlic (they consume around 2,000 kilograms of garlic a month!) in its many iterations.

6. Best garlic bread. Ever.

There’s not just one type of garlic bread. They have at least three. Our personal favorite was the Dracula Killer—garlic bread with olive oil, anchovies and a hefty serving of sauteed garlic cloves which you can generously top your bread with.

5. They have this gorgonzola pizza. Which you dip in honey.

Seriously it’s an epic take on the plain cheese pizza. Pungent thin crust Gorgonzola dipped in honey is the ultimate palette cleanser in between your cloves. You absolutely need to order this every time you’re here.

4. Their surf and turf is ace.

Lobster mixed in with garlic steak is the perfect main course. The fresh lobster is served with prime rib smothered and filled with garlic. There is nothing else in this world that can make us happier.

3. And yes, there has to be garlic rice. Garlic SIZZLING rice.

It’s not your typical garlic rice, a standard Pinoy fare. This one is served sizzling with bacon and fish roe smothered on top.

2. Yakult is a cocktail

Among many things, Mad For Garlic is also a cocktail bar with more than seven choices of cocktails including a Yakult infused downer served in its very own carafe.

1. Garlic is also in the desserts.

Gelato with garlic? Sure.

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