We ladies love a good mani-pedi. Elle Woods and her friends said: “it always feels us make feel better no matter what.”
Before you head on to your favorite salon and give your manos and tootsies some pampering, read on and understand these eight must-knows for a better pampering experience:
Always make sure that the tools your nail technician uses on you are sterilized. Having an ingrown nail is bothering enough so don’t aggravate it by having someone use unsterilized tools on you. Also, make sure that the salon itself is kept clean and sanitized.
Manicures are supposed to be relaxing, not worrisome. Find a salon that promises proper pampering and well-trained nail technicians.
It may sound a bit too vain and a bit more expensive, but believe me when i tell you that your nails need regular proper care, especially when your hands and feet are exposed to a lot of physical activity. Dry skin accumulates around your nails over time and will be very painful when you have them cleaned.
Some nail technicians clip away your cuticles “to make nails look longer and prettier” without even asking. Don’t let them. Cuticles serve as a protective barrier from bacteria. Plus when cuticles grow back, they will look thicker and rougher. Have them pushed instead by using an orange stick.
In some nail salons, there are extra charges if you want to use imported nail polish. There are brands that are proven to stay on your nails longer by being more resistant to scratches and chips, make sure you ask about those.
A bit steep compared to regular manicures, gel nail polish promises to never chip off. Sounds like a pretty good idea right? But it’s like having your hair bleached–your nails grow out, so you have to go back to the nail salon to pay to have it removed (because half-moons aren’t really attractive). I suggest you stick to tip # 5 instead. If it starts chipping off, you can always remove it yourself or you can go back to the salon and have the polish changed.
In connection to tip # 6, UV ray drying (usually used in gel manicures) can damage and cause your nails to become brittle. Also, recent studies show that using this kind of light can cause skin cancer. Instead, stick to air drying or just wait for a few minutes before the polish has completely dried.
While you’re at it, go and have fun with different colors and textures. Matte finishes, glittery top coats, funky nail art design, ombre hues, the list goes on. Choose a shade that makes you feel, well, you. Feeling shy and romantic? Go for light pinks, nudes and maybe even french tips. Feeling sexy? You can never go wrong with a classic red. Go, have fun! You know you deserve it.
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Noelle Manansala

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