I have narrowed down the choices to the great 8 conversation pieces of fast tracked furniture to make any of your rooms sing and dance with happiness. At the closing day of fame, the sure winners have the zest of color, the frenzy of fantasy and the quickness of quirk. Which piece would you kill for?


Side tables with zing are definite side orders. Hot and spicy free forms.


Park your rump on this hilarious seat by Kenneth Cobonpue. His theme this year was the circus. This wigged me out.


Egg shaped cozy chair with matching round side table in polished hardwood. The latest surface is langka better known as jack fruit. Who would have known?


Reminiscent of old wooden shutters, this latest re-invention as a light source banded in stainless steel with wooden legs is a scene-stealer.


Give your pooch some privacy and a cooling system. Sturdy and washable. Charming indoors or out. Chew bone not included.


Patio throne for the booty queen in all of us. The pop art 60s trend is suddenly surprisingly here to stay astray. This is what you call psychedelia.


Polished cold metals with gold, silver or bronze surfaces are striking with it’s organic shapes keeping you cool and making your room hot.


Kenneth’s wicked take on a wooden shark busting out of the cage that usually protects humans is a storytelling coffee table that speaks volumes. The tiny galleons sailing on the glass top are witty and a tad predatory. I love this. Surreal fantasy, a new room for furniture designers to enter and explore.


Which ones are your favorite? Post your thoughts in the Comments Section.

Larry Leviste

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