In the wake of a daytime jewelry store robbery in SM North EDSA, where the “Martilyo Gang” used hammers to smash open jewelry cases, PNP officials and mall operators agreed to ban the direct purchase of the tool indoors. Instead buyers will have to present their receipt to claim the item outside.

The move in a way makes sense, in light of reports that the gang purchased the hammers on the premises before making off with P5 million worth of jewelry. However, if hammers can’t be bought inside the malls, then you also shouldn’t be able to buy…

8. Dumbbells

Now you can build muscle AND break glass at the same time.


7. Glass cutters

Why smash and grab when you can take the cat burglar approach? You can even pretend to be part of the mall maintenance personnel, doing “repairs.”


6. Helmets

Buy a helmet (for motorcycle riders or cyclists), make one of your gang wear it, then use him as a battering ram.


5. Rubber mallets

Sure, they’re made of rubber, but they’re still hard enough to break the non-tempered glass inside stores.


4. Bats



3. Cue balls

Remember how Steven Seagal beat up everyone inside a pool hall in Out For Justice? You can wrap cue balls around a sock or handkerchief, then swing it like makeshift glass-breaking mace.


2. An Old 1990s Nokia Phone

Remember when everyone used a Nokia phone, and that each one was as sturdy and heavy as a brick? Believe it or not, some old Nokia units are still available at those gray market gadget stores. You can buy one for less than P1,000 and use it for whatever nefarious purpose.


1. Bowling ball

Many SM Malls have bowling alleys that sell the heavy hard-plastic and heavy balls. You can line up in front of a store, execute a perfect bowling approach and release!

What do you think about the Martilyo Gang? Should we really ban hammers in malls? Do you have a better idea? Post them in the Comments Section below.

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