There are rules actress Maxene follows before putting on make up. Here are 8 things that make the “My Lover, My Wife” star radiant!

You wouldn’t want to put on foundation or face powder that is a few shades lighter or darker than your actual skin tone! Once those camera flashes hit your face, you’ll wish you never put any make-up on in the first place.

Get dolled up if you’re going to a fancy dinner or party. If it’s just a regular day for running errands, put on natural makeup that makes you look as though you have no makeup on.

Concealer, face powder, eyebrow makeup, mascara plus curler, and lipstick are some of the basics I always have in my bag wherever I go. You never know when you’re gonna need to retouch or even handle a makeup emergency!

Make sure that you put on just the right amount. One tip for nights out would be to take a selfie with flash to check if your makeup looks just right, or if you put on too much.

Learn how to lightly dab concealer. Never smudge it heavily on your face–this could contribute to wrinkles!

Mix and match light eyes with dark lips, or dark eyes with light lips. It’s only on rare occasions that you would need dark and heavy looking makeup. Otherwise, it’s always refreshing to see a balance of light and dark shades on your face.

Make sure to remove all your makeup before going to bed at night. Make this a daily habit no matter how tired you are! You need to let your skin breathe from all the makeup you’ve been wearing the whole day. This will also reduce the chances of pimple outbreak!

Learn how to perfect your eyebrows or that eyeliner wingtip by doing it more often. Also, be creative when applying makeup. Don’t stick to just one look–watch makeup tutorials if you have to! Don’t let it become a boring old habit. Makeup is supposed to be fun!

Zach Lucero

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