As a former beauty queen, the gorgeous and ever-unintentionally funny Ms. Melanie Marquez has her unique way with words.
In a recent interview, she actually recounted the story of a recent car crash she experienced in America, saying: “…nakakatakot kasi pwede akong ma-parasite.
Oh, Ms. Melanie Marquez! Never, ever change! (P.S. It’s really wonderful she didn’t get hurt. No one wants to be in an accident like that.)
Thanks to Ganda Ever So Much, here are 8 more assorted malapropisms from the inimitable lady herself over the years.

8. “Don’t judge my brother; he’s not a book.”

Said during the height of the Joey Marquez-Kris Aquino brouhaha a few years back, Ms. Marquez eloquently points out the obvious, and as funny as it sounds, it makes all the sense in the world when you sit for a few minutes and think about it.

7. “What’s the next class before this?”

This class, of course! Maybe?

6. “My answers have been prayered!”

To all the men sniggering right now, why don’t you try giving birth and then conducting an interview barely after giving birth and see how eloquent you are?

5. “Ang tatay ko ang only living legend na buhay!”

Sorry, Ms. Marquez, but Robert Jaworski would like to contest that.

4. “I don’t eat meat. I am not a carnival.”

But she’s definitely more fun than one!

3. “I won’t stoop down to my level.”

That’s because when you’re at the level of a Ms. Melanie Marquez, you don’t stoop at her level. You tower.

2. “Hello? Bulag ka ba? Bingi ka ba? Are you Dep?”

The lead star of “The Pirates of the Carribean” was reportedly astounded by her keen powers of observation.

1. “Why I will give my calling card? I am not a call girl.”

No, she’s not. She’s all class, seeing as her best physical attribute is her long-legged.
Share your mirth or merry memories of Melanie Malapropisms in the Comments Section. If you want more Melanie Malapropisms, head on over to Ganda Ever So Much.


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