s you get older, you realize how important teachers are in your life. Initially, you may hate them and the authority they represent, but as your age approaches theirs, you realize that they’re people, too.

Some people say that those who can, do. But those who care? They teach. Here are eight archetypes of professors who always stick out in stories we share at class reunions.

The Mannerism Prof

Symptoms: He will have a tic that he can’t seem to shake off, whether he says “okay” at the end of every sentence (And you will keep a running count!), or how she likes to rest her knee on your desk in a very awkward manner.

Memorable Because: This prof is the easiest to mimic, and will always elicit laughter when the class clown does a dead-on impression.

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The Hottie Prof

Symptoms: All the students of the opposite sex (And then some!) fawn over the prof. The prof may or may not be aware of it, but they seem to do everything right and just increase their undercurrent fanbase with each passing class.

Memorable Because: The stories people would share! More so if one of the students actually ended up *dating* the prof at some point!

The Armchair Activist/Showbiz Insider

Symptoms: Cynical, maybe even a conspiracy theorist, this professor seems to have an opinion about anything and everything. They often derail themselves from the subject matter just to get on their soapbox and get their two cents in on the topic of the day.

Memorable Because: Half of the time, you don’t even remember what class they’re teaching because your mind is instead filled with political news and blind items.

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The Harmless Prof.Swabe

Symptoms: Memorable because the Harmless “Prof. Swabe” Prof is actually adorable in his own lecherous way. At first, new students might be very wary of him, but upperclassmen will always be quick to reassure them that this so-called “Prof.Swabe” is happily married and would never even dream of doing anything to put that at risk.

Memorable Because: Despite being completely harmless, this prof was probably the prototype for Boy Pickup.

The Easy A Prof

Symptoms: All the slots for her classes are always taken because she has a reputation for handing out high grades like candy. If you ever want to get into the Dean’s List with minimal effort, you pray hard that you can register for her class before it’s too late.

More often than not, these professors teach film or something esoteric.

Memorable Because: When you hang out with your batch’s eventual valedictorian, you will share so many stories to your genius friend about the Easy A Prof- because they probably never took her.

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The Urban Legend

Symptoms: This prof is so brilliant that many apocryphal stories abound about how ingenious they are when they were a student. They are usually from the Humanities Department and their urban legends normally involve something they did during their final exams, like answer their prof’s baffling question, “Why?” with an equally mind-blowing “Why not?”

 Memorable Because: When you graduate, you will finally muster up the courage to ask them if this urban legend is true, and you will hear the heartiest laugh ever when they categorically deny it (Except, it’s probably totally true.).

The Terror

Symptoms: Ruthless, unflinching, and exacting, the Terror Prof is someone students either avoid because they are afraid, or wholeheartedly rush into because of the notion that the Terror Prof may be harsh, but their class will somehow change your life. Please note, though, that these two things do not necessarily go hand in hand, especially if they are teaching something like Accounting.

Memorable Because: You will really have a field day talking about the time you survived a semester with The Terror. For some reason, they are also usually The Urban Legend.

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The Cool Spark

Symptoms: They are usually a combination of any of the previous 7 archetypes, but coupled with an X-Factor that just lights a spark in you and changes your life somehow. Maybe they inspire you to teach. Maybe they set you on a new career path. Maybe they change your perspective. In the end, they make the blur that is your college life that much clearer. And that’s cool.

Memorable Because: Whatever you’re doing now, a lot of it you owe to them.


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