Menswear has never been so exciting and new! Autumn/Winter 2014-2015 collections (what an advanced concept!) from London and Milan have original and bold new items to keep us warm while looking hot.
Remember that in all animals, the male of the species is the more elaborate. Think male peacock and there you are. Possessing pattern and color to attract the opposite sex, fashion is finally restoring the man as the ultimate fashion star, lifting him from his drab camouflage.
It is the man’s birthright, his calling. For too long, men wore black or blue, suddenly it is time to reclaim the throne and have fun with new fads and trends.
This selection is to help you move into a new century. The ensembles presented here are the high end of this spectrum, you can adapt by watering down or scaling smaller.
The choices are so enticing and delicious. It makes my head spin with happiness. Never has fashion been so revolutionary in world history. We are entering an era of color and pattern that is bright and large like the Pop-Art, Op Art prints of the ’60s. This expresses total freedom. It’s so bold, so fashion forward, it’s frightening!
Images from Prada, Vivienne Westwood, Thom Browne, McQueen and Burberry.
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The ultimate cover-up. Olive and navy blue with clashing pattern shirt by Christopher Bailey for Burberry Proscum. If women can have pashmina scarves, so can a guy. It’s just a bit bigger though.
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This Vivienne Westwood metallic hoodie and sweatpants will make you shine in a snowstorm (or the Polar Vortex). Metallic is a ‘70s trend that is indeed staging a comeback.
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Casual Friday is the new formal. Use 50 Shades of Grey for more sex appeal. This Vivienne Westwood monochrome print suit will make you more up to date. Banish your black and blue suits forever. Start this journey with a deep maroon or olive suit. Keep the classic three button with skinny trousers silhouette but pimp it with a new hue.
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Trousers from Prada in Radiant Orchid (ie the color of 2014). Wear your woven ’80s necktie like a scarf. Men must put color in their wardrobe and know it’s the most liberating thing they could ever do in terms of dressing up. I remember I had four shades of purple elephant pants in the ’80s. Purple is a quick pick-me-upper.
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Extra long, extraordinarily patterned, exaggerated color. Clash of comfort and style. Oh yeah. I saw men in Baguio wearing Ifugao woven cloth as long colorful scarves, it was so now. We have to stay warm and attract the females. This is an accessory you must try.
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Olive drab and sleeveless, lined in fur with a patch pocket. By Miuccia Prada of Milan. In Baguio, there are a lot of ukays with military coats from short bomber jackets to full blown trench coats. Even in Tagaytay or Batangas this time, we can look sharp in army or navy peacoats. The sheen of green nylon updates a wardrobe immediately.
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The one and only Thome Browne explores the universe of this classic pattern in a turn-of-the-last century golf outfit. This designer makes Michelle Obama’s wardrobe. We surely know this pattern as socks, everybody at one point in their lives had an argyle sock. Now, instead of checks or stripes this year, chose an enlarged argyle. It will make you a style stand out.
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Acidic toxic colors and gigantic floral shapes will make you look so HOT while warding off the winter chills of 2015. By Christopher Bailey for Burberry Proscum. We all associate a sweatshirt in grey. That ship has sailed.
What do you think of these menswear ensembles? Chika or chaka? Share in the Comments Section below.

Larry Leviste

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