Four wardrobe malfunctions and four best-in-long-gown at the gala of the New York Metropolitan Museum, arguably the Oscar night of the fashion industry.
The Twitter universe and the thousands of Instagrammers passed their judgement as the chic and the shitty traversed the red carpet.
Chicken wire with dead roses mash-up. This Chanel couture by Karl Lagerfeld was downright fugly for the most powerful woman in fashion. Karma!
She looked like went to sleep in her Marchesa gown, had a nightmare and woke up and went straight to the event. Shoot the stylist.
Fashion road kill. US Vogue cover girl grins and bares it, the Giambatista Valli strapless short dress was all wrong for a plus size gal.
The Game of Dethroned meets the Walking Dead. It looked like moss grew on the gown. She’s a deadringer for Janice of the Muppet Show.
Originality and wit in laced-up and tulle by Donna Karan Atelier. High points to have the guts and fun wearing this number.
Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane for the best in tuxedo. This is so 2014 yet tastefully timeless.
Stella McCartney designed the music diva’s white bare midriff formal as well as her striped tunic over skinny pants. INSTAGLAMSHAM-Met-GALA-photo1
This Prada green feathered and bejeweled mesh dress was inspired by the roaring 20s flapper complete with Cartier emerald headband. Lupita made it to the top spot of best and worst dressed, we say she happily rocked the fashion event of the year. Period.

Larry Leviste

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