Michael Martinez is the first Filipino to join the Men’s Figure Skating games in the history of the Olympic Winter Games.
He garnered a score of 64.81 in the short program and a score of 119.44 in the free program. Martinez will begin preparing for the 2018 Olympic Winter Games to be held in Pyeongchang, South Korea.
We can tell Michael’s got a lot of strength, balance, flexibility and all around awesomeness to pull off his moves.
We admit we don’t know a whole lot about figure skating, but since everyone becomes an armchair expert on any given topic when #PinoyPride is on the line, we knew just the perfect man to interview: our friendly neighborhood barbero, Mang Tasyo, who normally plays checkers with regulars in his spare time, and loves watching wrestling or boxing whenever either is on.
Here are his comments on 8 of Michael’s kick-ass moves on the ice from the 2014 short program competition.
8 The-Lunge
What It Is: After gathering some momentum, the skater sharply bends one knee forward while the other is extended backwards behind him.
Mang Tasyo Says: Ay! Akala ko sumubsob yung bata, pero bigay na bigay! Ang tawag sa move na yan ay…

The Ninong

7 The-Ina-Bauer
What It Is: The skater skates with legs parallel, while the forward leg is bent, akin to a spead eagle move.
Mang Tasyo Says: Para siyang nag-aalay sa langit. Alam ko yang galaw na yan…

The Wency Cornejo (No relation to Deniece.)

6 Some-kick-move
What It Is: A capoeira-like kick followed by a cool pose.
Mang Tasyo Says: Si Shawn Michaels, ganun din sumipa, diba? Yan yung…

The Power Ranger

5 Camel-spin-into-catch-foot-spin
What It Is: The Camel Spin is done by spinning on one straight leg while the free leg is extended parallel to the ice. Once Michael takes his foot and pulls it up to bend behind his back, this is called a catch-foot spin.
Mang Tasyo Says: Nahilo ako kapapanood sa kanya dun! Ikot-ikot lang, ano? Ang tawag sa move na iyan ay…

The Sarah Geronimo

5 Camel-spin-into-catch-foot-spin
What It Is: A move, invented by Mr. Frick, a comedian-skater (Imagine that!) who made a name for himself as part of “Frick and Frack” and the Ice Follies in the Americas and Australia. This move involves a skater bending his knee and arching his back parallel to the ice, as if he were playing a game of limbo rock and the stick got reeeeally low.
Mang Tasyo Says: Nakita ko yan sa pelikula dati! Yan yata yung…
3 The Triple Axel Jump
What It Is: This was Michael’s opening move. It’s a spinning jump done while skating forward, and landing skating backward, which means that a single axel consists of 1.5 revolutions, while a triple axel is made up of 3.5. Named after Axel Paulsen.
Mang Tasyo Says: Wow! P&*#*%%$( I**, ang galing! Yan yata yung tinatawag na…

Ultraelectromagnetic Top

2 The Bielmann Spin
What It Is: This is a catch-foot spin performed by pulling the free leg above the head, from behind. Remember all those snow globes with ice skaters in them? This is the move you see most often.
Mang Tasyo Says: Nung kabataan ko, ganyan din kalambot ang katawan ko. Kaya nga marami akong naging nobya nung dati, eh. Kapag ginagawa ko yan, ang tawag diyan ng mga kasintahan ko…

Ballet-Ballet Buto

1. The “Look, Ma! Nasa TV Ako!” Move
What It Is: A Filipino special move in any situation or sport, where they excitedly wave to the camera directly as they do our nation proud.
Mang Tasyo Says: Ang Pinoy talaga, kahit sana, kahit kailan, ipagsisigawan sa buong mundo na isa siyang Pinoy. Ang tawag diyan sa move na yan, hijo, ay…

The “Inay, Inay! Nasa TV Po Ako!” Move

Here are 8 Things to Know about Michael Martinez.
Do you have suggestions on what to informally call these technical moves? Share your creativity and your messages of support for Michael in the Comments Section.
P.S. Did you know that actor Sam Milby trained to be a figure skater when he was younger? Here are 8 movies about figure skating that Pinoys will enjoy.


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