Who says running a household is easier than running a business? Now what if you do both? Maybe daddy can’t, but mommy definitely can!


Ever tried washing the dishes while talking to someone on the phone plus keeping baby lulled to sleep on a baby sling? Apply this skill to a business setting and you can be sure this woman will be able to create the best product while doing sales talk and balancing the books.

Moms are the best at multi-tasking-8V


And isn’t that what sales and marketing, in essence, is? They say that when a mom loves something, she’ll be sure to tell her friends about her discoveries.

If she passionately talks about her own creation or business, it would be the best sales talk ever.

Moms like to talk and share information-2VB


Try to recall who won best costume at the last Halloween party. Most likely, it was the kid wearing a costume his own mother made. Everyone probably wondered how she was able to transform a carton box into a whole scene from the movie “Up.”

These two traits also come in handy in business, specially for start ups when budgets are limited and every peso must be stretched to draw maximum benefit for the business.

Moms are resourceful and creative-6V


Moms are great problem solvers. They find solutions to problems big and small (fixing car schedules or feeding a toddler), of different concerns ( household, budget, relationships), and with either a lot or a little time and resources available to her.

Apply the same skill to managing cash flow or working out staffing problems, that’ll be a cinch for her.

Moms are great problem solvers-5V


No further explanation needed in the family department, but how does that translate to business?

It’s a plus in several ways. She could make a wonderful employer, giving care and instilling discipline. She could anticipate customer needs more easily and make an extra effort to please them. We all know how excellent customer service is an asset to any brand.

Moms are intuitively nurturing and caring-4V


This makes them most receptive to what the market needs and wants. Being the one that holds the purse strings in most households, moms are the ones who spend time in supermarkets and stores, comparing brands and labels, discerning the best products to get for her family.

If there’s a void in the market, moms know it and, in fact, might end up inventing something to fill the void.

Moms are the ultimate consumers-3V


Inspired by her interests, a hobby or an advocacy. Having these as motivations for one to reach her goals can be likened to having an endless well of funding for a business! With a sky’s-the limit budget, whether financial or inspirational, entrepreneurial endeavors are more likely to succeed.

Moms are passion-driven, motivated by her kids and her family-2V


Motherhood involves overcoming endless challenges. She has to care for a baby on zero sleep, make a toddler eat her cauliflowers, raise an angst-filled teen while being a loving parent.  There are good days and bad days, but she remains focused on the goal: to raise good and healthy children.

Businesses also have ups and downs. A mom is results-oriented, she gets up after a fall and she is continuously driven by her purpose–that makes for a successful mompreneur.

Moms are resilient-1V

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Janice Villanueva blogs at www.Janicevillanueva.com. She’s the founder of Mommy Mundo SoMoms.

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Janice Villanueva

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