Because five of a list is too short, and ten is too much, here are 8 reasons why mountaineering is on my perennial to do list. 8. The Views 8 reasons to climb photo 8 A climb can take you to forests of century-old trees with trunks as wide as your arms outstretched. You get to see a beautiful canopy of tree leaves filling the sky with abstract art. It’s amazing like that. The summits are places of incredible beauty and more so when you least expect it. 7. For a Cause 8 reasons to climb photo 7 Not all climbs are for personal reasons. NGOs, varied organizations and government agencies reach out to rural communities beyond hills and mountains bearing food, medicine, books, hope, and friendship. These experiences can make memories that last a lifetime. 6. The People 8 reasons to climb photo 6 A climb is a great way to meet new people or simply befriend an acquaintance. Once back in the lowlands, you’ll have them on your social networking accounts and their phone numbers. You’ll all be stoked for your next climb together. 5. Health and Exercise 8 reasons to climb photo 5

Climbing is a great way to stay fit. Unknown to many, mountaineers train for weeks before taking on major climbs. Day treks and minor climbs are also a great way to sweat it out while taking in a lot of fresh air.  It’s also a healthy respite for both the body and soul. 4. Reflect 8 reasons to climb photo 4 The mountains have a distinct way of helping people put things in perspective. It’s the simple realization that there is more to living the fast life, the serenity to ponder over a lingering problem, or to enjoy pure plain fun on any given weekend. 3. FThe Nature 8 reasons to climb photo 3 The precept of Leave No Trace is a principle taught and practiced by mountaineers, especially on a climb. A mindset that not only promotes ecological awareness but empowers the simple average us on issues regarding our environment and biodiversity. 2. Because You Can 8 reasons to climb photo 2 Climbing a mountain is an epitome that you can surmount despite considerable odds if you put your heart to it. As they say, “You can never conquer the mountain. You can only conquer yourself.” Even when you fail, the sweetness of having tried is sweeter than not having done so. 1. Because It’s There 8 reasons to climb photo 1 As were the words of Gregory Mallory, one of the first men who attempted to summit Mt. Everest, the highest on our Earth. I liken it to be an innate call of the last frontier, those of our ancestors. Off the beaten path and one of adventure. What mountains have you climbed? Any upcoming climbs you’d like to announce here for other readers? Share in the Comments Section.


This list was originaaly published on November 11, 2013.

Renerio de Dios, Jr.

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