Instead of resolutions, I offer the ultimate solutions to live 2014 with amazing grace. Here are 8 pieces of advice I learned the hard way from family, friends, mentors and tormentors.

A January bouquet fragrant with great possibilities to have a full year of bliss and easy living.


First and most important, there’s no point in blaming others when you fail. Blame game is the most toxic, poisoning your entire being with anger, jealousy and resentment.


Have no regrets, the best way to stay focused is to ignore the swings and instead focus on the long run.


Choose being positive as a constant feeling of wellness, this is how to live life every day. Remember, it was a process of trial and error—a voyage of discovery. Enjoy the magic carpet ride.


Never expect anything in return for what you have done for you are setting yourself up for major disappointment. Instead, know it was a job well done and move to the next task of the day. But for sure, beautiful surprises and jackpots await you at every turn of events.


Keep listening and observing without judgment at all. Everyone in your life will bring you clues to success on a silver platter. Be ready to accept always, to embrace.


Be brave, imaginative and decent. Politeness and civility costs nothing but doors of power will always be open to the smart and congenial in company.


Follow your instincts, The rough translation is ‘do your homework well, analyze things carefully, assess the options but eventually trust your judgment and have the courage of your convictions—even if they are unpopular.


Pray with gratitude, a simple “Thank You” every day is enough for your Higher Power.

Editor’s note: Lady Santelices’ illustrations were made to honor the incredible spirit and faith of the survivors of Typhoon Yolanda–a quick look back to the year that was before we fully engage 2014.

What are your solutions this year? Put them out there through the Comments Section below.

Larry Leviste

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