You were an instant Instagram hit or a retweeted epic fail. Impolite social media passed judgment as soon as they alighted on the red Carpet at the 86th Oscar Awards.
Before the show started, 114 countries already decided who had the WORST and the BEST gowns of the night.
Here is my quick list, we start with the chakadolls then pick the top formals.
oscar-2014-instashamglam-photo-8aToo much, too soon. The neckline, the mid-section, the back, a gown with multiple personality disorder.
The high neck, long sleeves, the color, the fabric. The dress is choking her. Too closed for comfort.
The hair, the tinsel tela with metallic fringe with platform shoes. Shoot the stylist. This is a moving fashion violation.
Lampa lady trips again. Too safe, too sorry na lang. Haunted by her free falls, she opts for boring and old fashioned. That peplum is so laos.
oscar-2014-instashamglam-photo-4aThere is a thin line between Worst and Best Dressed and she wore it, it is by Giorgio Armani yet fails miserably compared to the winning black lace she wore to the Globes. The nude color just washed her out. She suddenly looked her age, this boldy beaded gown spells m-e-n-o-p-a-u-s-e.
The neckline, the black organza pleated mermaid hem, the dazzling diamond pendant and her pixie hair made it all happen, this is modern and glamorous.
Old Hollywood style, draped chiffon haute couture with a feminine one sided neckline and a tiny black bow evocative of the real Coco Chanel of the ’50s. The added touch of a matching shawl adds drama and comfort for serious after parties, the best one at George Clooney and Madonna’s after midnight.
Without a doubt, the new Queen of Hollywood. Saving the best dress for the last, everything that Lupita wore from the Globes, the SAG then the BAFTAS were spot on sensational and sincere. Prada fashioned a plunging back, front and side in sunburst electric pleated silk organza in what Lupita christened “Nairobi sky blue.”
Who were your favorites? Let’s talk about them in the Comments Section.

Larry Leviste

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