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[dropcap letter="A"]s someone who was a "Voyadores" way back as a student in Naga City during the mid-2000s, I've experienced first-hand part of the festivities surrounding the Our Lady of Peñafrancia (the Traslacion).

Somehow, this sheltered city-folk found himself in a devoted mob. There I was, barefoot, wearing simple clothes, and the drunkest I've ever been as tradition dictated. I weaved through elbows, foot stomps, and even outright punches as I fought my way through the crush for a chance to touch the base where Ina stood.

Glances both bemused and irritated were wondering what this tall white boy was doing in the thick of things.

It took two days to recover from the dry heaves and hangover, as well as two weeks for the embedded dirt to detach from my toenails. Nevertheless, it was a wonderful experience that I will never forget. It's for that very reason I bring you 8 snapshots of the popular Naga City fiesta that you should see, brought to you through the magic of social media.

8. From It's more fun in Bicol:

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Military Parade #Peñafrancia2013

7. From Avenue Plaza Hotel:

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Devotees of Our Lady of Peñafrancia gathers now at the Metro Naga Cathedral grounds for the last Dawn Procession of the Images of Divino Rostro and Ina before the Fluvial Procession later this afternoon.

#Peñafrancia2013 #VivaLaFiesta

6. From Byahero:

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'Traslacion' | #Peñafrancia2013

5. From Bicolano Man:

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SNAPSHOTS: Penafrancia Fluvial Procession 2013...

4. From Choose Philippines:

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Trivia: During the fluvial procession of September 19, 1987, the image of the Virgin of Peñafrancia fell on the river by the embarcation point. The image was recovered but the crown was lost on the murky waters. On August 2008, the same area underwent a dredging opration in preparation for the coming fluvial.

The crew not only cleaned-up the river but also recovered the lost crown and verified by church authorities as authentic. Twenty five years today, the event is recalled, and the recovered crown is now on display at the Peñafrancia museum.

Photo by Tom Falcon

Watch #Peñafrancia2013 Fluvial procession on http://www.choosephilippines.com/live 3-530pm

3. From Avenue Plaza Hotel:

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Viva La Virgen!

During the Dawn Procession, women are given the chance to carry the andas ni INA while they walk barefoot and the rest pray the rosary.



2. From Avenue Plaza Hotel

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Peñafrancia Fluvial Procession passed by along The Avenue Plaza Hotel around 6 in the evening... VIVA LA VIRGEN!

1. From It's more fun in Bicol:

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Himno a la Nuestra Senora de Peñafrancia

Resuene vibrante el himno de amor

Que entona tu pueblo con grata y emocion

Resuene vibrante el himno de amor


Bonus From @kuya_squall, posted in 2012:

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This is our beloved Sec.Robredo. Walang Arte! Totoong Tao! @cesdrilon pic.twitter.com/xEI5RwE0

[And yes, Robredo was taking part in the Traslacion]

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