ou can sing. Emote, scream with a song or squiggle your butt from side to side. Anything but silence. If you stay in that still state too long, magiging bad breath ka.

We asked the man of many hats what he listens to on a road trip. Raimund Marasigan is the drummer for the Eraserheads, singer for sandwich, keyboardist of Pedicab,  electronica artist Squid 9, and bassist of Gaijin. He also produced numerous albums from the likes of Imago, Flying Ipis, Duster to  name a few.


Album: I Had the Blues but I Shook Them Loose
Released: 2008 (Young and Lost Club)


Album: Cupid Deluxe
Released: 2013 (Domino Recording Company)


Album: Night Time, My Time
Released: 2013 (Capitol Records)


Album: Hesitation Marks
Released: 2013 (Columbia, The Null Corporation)


Album: Morning Phase
Released: 2014 (Capitol)

Album: Warpaint
Released: 2014 (Rough Trade)


Album: Wise Up Ghost
Released: 2013 (Blue Note)


Album: AHJ (EP)
Released: 2013 (Cult Records)

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